SB19 Strike Gold And Usher A New Chapter With “PAGTATAG!”

SB19 Strike Gold And Usher A New Chapter With “PAGTATAG!”

P-Pop Royalties SB19 welcome a new era



It’s no secret that the pandemic didn’t stop SB19’s climb to the top—it only rerouted them for even better opportunities. These include their first-ever world tour and getting the hang of their self-managed era with 1Z Entertainment. So if PAGSIBOL had the P-pop pioneers narrate their rise to the top, PAGTATAG! has SB19 speaking about the bumpy road that made them stronger than ever. 


Touted as their boldest release yet—punctuated by the large exclamation point on the album cover—SB19 reintroduce their more mature selves to A’TIN and their listeners in six songs. The world knows the power GENTO has held since its release, triggering a viral TikTok dance trend and millions of streams on Spotify alone. The explosive song retains the group’s signature sound and swagger and Pablo’s witty wordplay on ginto (gold), ganito (like this) and gento, making it the most suitable first taste and lead single.



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The edgy CRIMZONE follows the same path, an upbeat and anthemic song about achieving your dreams with blood, sweat and tears. Heavy-hitting beats and snazzy electronic warps symbolize the hardships they experience in breaking boundaries, a fond way to reflect on their march to where they currently stand. Josh Cullen and FELIP—two newly minted solo artists in their own rights—join RADKIDZ Pablo and Josue in contributing to the song.


But we all know SB19, and it should be natural to expect 180-degree switch-ups from the boys in each new era. However, you can’t shake off the complete transformation in I Want You, a soulful R&B track reminiscent of beloved 90s hits. Their vocals never miss in this track, especially in letting their ardent expressions out through each lyric. The passionate song requires some sultry energy, a show of the raw emotion they hope reflects in I Want You when one presses play. If anything, this foray into a brand-new genre explores the group’s sonic maturity and stands as a taste for what else is yet to come.



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However, it isn’t an SB19 release without hard-hitting ballads. One of the most heartfelt releases is ILAW, a guitar-led track exploring the bright and blinding shine of the spotlights. The simple instrumentation highlights the expressive vocal colors of the entire group as it builds up to a powerful crescendo bolstered by an expressive bridge. LIHAM stands opposite ILAW, a song that soothes the tension as the emotive ballad song overpours with gratitude and love. Lead by strings and piano chords, the boys of SB19 shed all pretenses and bare their thoughts for the world to see. These songs showcase the group’s authenticity and honesty, two shots straight through the heart for those who listen.


PAGTATAG! closes on a high note with FREEDOM, an energetic pop hit celebrating the triumph in breaking away from the struggles. SB19’s euphoria that shines through in the hook is contagious, filling the air with such high hopes and positivity that you’ll find yourself uplifted at the end. Whether or not it’s intentional, SB19 has consistently ended their EPs on a good note. It’s almost as if they’re reminding everyone that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it takes to get there.



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This journey to maturity shows us that Stell, Pablo, Josh, Justin and Ken have struck gold by continuously pushing their limits as artists and emerging victorious. SB19 kickstarted their PAGTATAG! World Tour starting in Manila before making their way around the rest of the country, USA and Canada. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see more gold from the Kings of P-Pop. 



Art Macky Arquilla

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