She Talks Asia Is Back. This Year: We Are Enough

She Talks Asia Is Back. This Year: We Are Enough

Ladies (and gents), we’re thrilled to introduce this year’s She Talks Asia



Recent history has made it clear that women will never again accept being held to a different standard than men. You can see it in the way support is thrown from all corners of the world when a female talks against misogyny or experiences success. You can see it in the way her fictional heroines have morphed into strong characters (sans a man).


As a late 20-something living in this modern world, it’s a refreshing change of pace—but that doesn’t mean we no longer have our grievances. Ladies, there is a long way to go. So let’s discuss.


She Talks Asia is a movement that celebrates the modern woman. It provides a safe space for conversation, inspiration and motivation. This year, we’re behind it 100 percent as we discuss the ins and outs of We Are Enough.


Three little words, but so much meaning behind them.


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Influential speakers from different industries will take the stage to open the conversation on navigating relationships and setting boundaries, negotiating your worth, dealing with the culture and pressure of social media and self-care and mental health. There will be nearly 30 speakers in attendance, including entrepreneur Rissa Mananaquil-Trillo, multi-hyphenate Judy Ann Santos, female empowerment advocate Mich Dulce, neurolinguistics programming and self-actualization coach Shiela Tan, media maven Rosario Herrera and so many more others.


Sounds like an A+ gathering, doesn’t it? That’s because it is—you’re the only thing missing.



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This year, She Talks Asia already has its registration doors open. All you need to do is create a brief write-up on a woman’s issue that you’re curious and/or passionate about and you would like to see better or more strongly addressed than it currently is. We know that the list may be long, but a 4 to 5 sentence submission is more than enough.


Ticket slots will be given to selected submissions and you’ll get the notification within three days of filling in your details and write-up here. Your ticket deposit must then be made within seven days. Tickets are priced at P300 apiece and an approved applicant can purchase up to two tickets each.


So. We’ll see you there? She Talks Asia kicks off on March 16, 2019 at The Globe Tower in BGC, Taguig.


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She Talks Asia aims to spark, document and sustain community conversations that help educate, empower and inspire people who are learning to understand, unpack and better appreciate the role of women and female-identifying individuals in a fast-evolving world. This year, the She Talks Asia conference will also be used as an event to raise mentorship hours and funds for the at-risk young women supported by Mano Amiga Philippines.


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