Netflix’s Start-Up Proves There Is Power In Simplicity

Netflix’s Start-Up Proves There Is Power In Simplicity

Start-Up is the kick-start we all might need right now



A recent Facebook post by direk Joey Reyes went viral for his comparison of Filipino teleseryes and K-dramas. He mentioned unique storylines, character portrayals and realistic events. Sir, we feel you—but if I may add: an example like Start-Up also proves that there is power in simplicity.


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The story of Start-Up is set in a fictional place called Sandbox and is about the world of—you guessed it—startup companies (and the people who want to run them). There’s Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) and sister Won In-Jae (Kang Han-na), math Olympiad Nam Do-San (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Sun-ho).


And of course, there is love, particularly budding between Seo Dal-mi, who dreams of becoming the Korean Steve Jobs, and Nam do San, a math genius with ironically little success in investments, who wants to turn things around.



At the onset, it sounds a little complicated. Multiple characters with their own pasts, different futures, their varied relationships with one another and the technical aspects of starting a business. But while there are multiple facets that make Start-Up a success, director Oh Choong Hwan prefers to keep it simple.


The storylines come together almost seamlessly and Start-Up digresses from the standard complications that are often added for “wow” factor but without sacrificing character development. Despite its simplicity, we see it all: the struggles younger generations feel as they muster the courage to become entrepreneurs and what they need to do to succeed. See: Seo Dal-Mi lacking the “necessary” educational background and connections, Won In-Jae wanting to prove herself despite growing up underneath the shadows of her father’s accomplishments and Nam Do-San who just can’t seem to catch a break whenever he gives anything a try.


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One other great thing that Start-Up does well is develop relationships, whether romantic, familial or anything in between. You’re in for a good time with this one; it’s just enough to pull you in and get you involved without having to do much or asking for anything more—except, maybe, faster episode releases.



You can catch up on the current episodes of Start-Up on Netflix



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