These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes

These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes

If women can be breadwinners, then men can braid hair



A long time ago, women were expected to make a home, keep it up and raise children. Once upon a time, men were expected to bring home the bread and make sure their families survived. But that was decades ago and times have changed. But despite the years that have passed and the strides that all genders have taken, some of us still do a double take when we see someone doing something out of what’s “normal.”


But then there are some silent heroes that are inspired by their daughters to forget these stereotypes and we cannot love them more for it.



The Hair Savant

These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes


Two years ago, Nate Denton began his journey as a single parent. With a daughter that was still depending on him for most things, Nate made the choice that his girl would not be missing out on the “girly stuff.” So he went from struggling to do a ponytail to perfecting the fishtail braid. Kudos to you, sir—we still have trouble with this stuff.


The baker’s man

These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes


We may know him most as Thor, but a little girl by the name of India is lucky enough to call Chris Hemsworth her dad. But despite the change in title, he still often saves the day. For India’s birthday, a bakery told Chris that they wouldn’t be able to deliver their cake on time. So the 33-year-old actor got busy in the kitchen and baked up a storm. And while it’s nothing professional, we can't help but love his endearing masterpiece (and the story behind it). 


The not-scary villain

These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes


What do you do when your daughter wants to dress up as The Little Mermaid? You join in the fun, of course! This dad warmed our hearts with his all-out Ursula costume, complete with a crown, purple body paint and tentacles.


The teach-by-example man

These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes

Image from Imgur/PoopsMcGee


Imagine your daughter asking you to teach her how to shave her legs and there’s no one else around to guide her but you. This is what one particular dad was faced with and we have to give him an A+. He took that razor and actually showed her how it’s done instead of just instructing her. We're willing to bet he's one of those “lead by example” people for most other things too. 


The manicurist

These Men Are Breaking Too-Old Stereotypes


Girls love to paint their nails and their dads have every right to love doing that with them. Besides, it’s hard to paint our non-dominant hand, you know? This dad rocked a beauty day with his daughter and the look of satisfaction on his face and the sheer glee on hers is all the proof you need to know that they had a wonderful time together.


For all the things they do for us, don’t forget to do something for your dad this Father’s Day. Mark your calendars for June 19th!



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