Regency Living: What To Expect At Villa Bridgerton

Regency Living: What To Expect At Villa Bridgerton

Netflix’s “Bridgerton” has landed



When Bridgerton hit Netflix playlists in 2020, the ton was in a frenzy. Everyone binged, picked their favorite characters, and placed bets on who Lady Whisteldown was. But while some questions were answered as season 1 wrapped up, there are still so many more stories to watch unfold. 


Now that season 2 is officially upon us, we are in frenzy yet again. Fortunately, we can release some of this pent up tension at Villa Bridgerton. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live the regency life, imagined yourself walking around the ton or just being around the beautiful setting, now is your chance. 



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The music

When you enter Villa Bridgerton, be ready for the swell of orchestra music from an era that we’ve only witnessed on screen. The strings play melodies that are familiar to us in the present time—but there's more appreciation as new depths are unearthed.  


The activities

Take your photos, make your reels and go live inside this time capsule. Walk around the garden that displays chandeliers, fountains and even a game of croquet. Take a seat in front of the (digital) fireplace and open a book on poetry to get a real feel of regency life. Walk up and down the staircase, its banners decorated with faux flora and fauna. And as Ms. Daphne Bridgerton taught us, sport “a small smile” that does wonders.  


The settings

But what can you actually expect out of this? There is, as mentioned, the lavish garden and sitting room. But add to that a dining table that is always chock full of treats (no munching!), a hallway that displays portraits of royalty and—this might be the most exciting of all—the viscount’s bedroom.



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For those of us who see any glimpse of ourselves in Eloise, Penelope, Anthony or Colin, now is the time to shine. There might not be a dress code, but why not live it up completely? Come decked out in a gown, a suit, gloves—wear a powdered wig if you have one. Just don’t miss out, because we know what happens when you don’t take your chances.


But before you get too excited, a warning: Like every respectable member of the ton, you must first RSVP to join. 


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