Visayan Art Takes Centerstage at Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023

Visayan Art Takes Centerstage at Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023

Explore contrasts, similarities and the growth that emerges from such reflections in Tubô Cebu Art Fair’s biggest iteration yet!



Prepare to be swept away into the captivating world of Visayan art as Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023 stages its triumphant comeback! Circle those dates with utmost enthusiasm because from September 15th to 17th, Ayala Center Cebu will burst into a thrilling tapestry of artistic wonderment that you won't want to miss!


In its fifth year, the highly-anticipated event, presented by the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Inc. and Ayala Center Cebu, is here to rock your world. The chosen theme, “juxtapose,” guarantees an exciting blend of artistic contrasts and creative spark that you won't want to miss!


“Juxtaposition, in its essence, is a reflection, a mirror that magnifies both contrasts and similarities. Through Tubô Cebu Art Fair, we aim to harness this power of juxtaposition to ignite a deeper appreciation and understanding in the art community. By placing diverse artistic expressions side by side, we not only celebrate their individuality but also the collective growth they inspire,” explains fair curator Jay Jore.


Visayan Art Takes Centerstage at Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023


This year's activity boasts participation from over 500 regional artists and groups. The impressive lineup includes Agurang Artist Group, Dibuho, Toledo Neo Arts Group, Paper Jam, Kolor Banwa, Cuatro Marias, IMoCa, Joya Awardees and a whole lot more.


Meanwhile, the Signature Collection puts together works of esteemed artists Alex Ordoyo, Anton Quisumbing, Cezar Arro, Charlie Co, Gary Carabio, Geovanni Abing, Happy Garaje, Irish Galon, Jonas Pacifico, Khriss Bajade, Lester Amacio, Mark Belicario, Mark Copino, Melvin Guirhem, Nicole Asares, Orland Espinosa, Orley Ypon, Palmy Tudtud, Pepe Delfin, Romulo Galicano and Yvonne Quisumbing.


Collaborations with esteemed cultural entities, such as the Cebu Art Book Fair, Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., add depth and dimension to the fair's lineup. Additionally, gallery partners Mono8, Qube Gallery and Manila Art Frames amplify the ambiance, crafting varied avenues for both artists and art aficionados to engage and connect.


Participants can also look forward to an enlightening panel discussion on September 17 from 4PM to 5PM at The Gallery, Ayala Center Cebu. Featuring a diverse lineup of speakers, including Atty. Jovi Neri, Januar Yap and OJ Hofer, this event will delve into their unique artistic journeys, offering insights into their inspirations, challenges and milestones. This dialogue aims to foster collaboration, ignite creativity and support the artistic community, promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences.


Join us at the Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023 from September 15th to 17th at Ayala Center Cebu. Immerse yourself in a world of art, culture and creativity you won't want to miss. See you there!


For more information and updates, visit www.tubô  and follow @Tubôcebuartfair on Facebook and Instagram.



Words Fran Testa

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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