Ready, Set, Go: Here’s the Ultimate Wanderland Playlist

Ready, Set, Go: Here’s the Ultimate Wanderland Playlist

22 artists, 118 songs and 7 hours’ worth of music to get you hyped for Wanderland 2020



Before anything else, we’re going to go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Yes, there have been very valid reasons to fear for our health as of late. Yes, music fans and gig-goers have been hoping and praying that the shows they’d been looking forward to wouldn’t be called off. And yes, there have been changes to the kickass Wanderland 2020 lineup—but there’s no way we’re letting our excitement die down.


Despite a few changes happening here and there—namely Raveena, Ari Lennox, Sabrina Claudio, Novo Amor and Bruno Major having to pass on the festival this time around—one thing’s for certain: Wanderland is most definitely still happening this year. 


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Actually, scratch that. There’s one more thing: there is still plenty to look forward to. For instance, there are the new additions to the lineup. Singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis is joining the equation. Urbandub is stepping in to bring their distinct local rock flavor to the mix. London-based Pinoy musician No Rome is heading home to own the Wanderland stage. Australian band The Paper Kites is coming over to share their folk-rock sound with us, and electronic duo Cosmo’s Midnight is all set to make us bop our heads, move our bodies and feel all the feelings. Not to mention the rest of the lineup announced in the past few months: Foals, Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker), Joji, Niki, Omar Apollo, Ben & Ben, IV of Spades, Ali Gatie, ((( O ))), Stephen Day, August Wahh and crwn, George, Ysanygo, Morobe, FLU, Banna Harbera and The Sundown. 


With 22 acts, 2 days and good times beyond measure lying ahead, the Wanderland equation is looking pretty good so far. We don’t know about you, but we’re extra eager to put our Wanderer costumes on—and if you’re anywhere near as excited for the festival as we are, we offer you the perfect playlist to count down the days to:




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It isn’t too late to score your Wanderland 2020 passes! Head on over to the Wanderland website to get your hands on passes for this year’s festival. Stay in the loop on all things Wanderland by following their official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


Edit: Those who would like to request for a refund in light of the recent lineup change may send an email to [email protected] for the refund process. Regular Wanderer, Star Wanderer, Wanderbuddies bundle (all 5 tickets), Wanderlove bundle (both tickets) and Early Entry Wanderer are applicable for refunds. Pre-lineup tickets cannot be refunded.



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