What Is A Plandid And Why Is Everybody Doing It?

What Is A Plandid And Why Is Everybody Doing It?

Bye duck face, hello planned candid



A plandid a.k.a the “new” selfie per The Man Repeller is a “carefully calculated solo shot that appears to have been taken by a professional photographer, posted without a hint of shame or irony, and for no apparent reason other than, why not?” Simply put, it’s a planned candid. You know, the looking away pose or walking down the street but not looking at the camera


Those are plandids.


So why are people doing it? Well, looking at the camera and saying cheese have gotten old and so corny, and the super pose-y ones, don’t even get us started with those. Besides, the goal now is to make it look like you’re not trying at all. It’s still not real-time or a legitimate candid moment, but a plandid is much more fun to do—or at least they look fun to do.


Though we’re sure plandids still require a certain level of “emote,” here are easy, fool-proof ways to nail your own and make it look so natural, your friends won’t even know it was a plandid.


• Look down—but chin up—while walking and smile

• For family or social affairs, huddle up closer to the table and laugh—but pretty laugh, okay?

• And because this always makes for good vacation photos, lounge around and glance into the distance or simply have someone take a picture of your profile from behind


Pro-tip: Use Burst mode on the iPhone to take better, more natural plandids!


Could plandids mark the end of overly curated photos on Instagram or is it just an image option for that third square on your feed to make it look less orchestrated? Not sure but we like it. Thanks Man Repeller!



Art Cara Gamo


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