Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?


May 8, 2019
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Come on, have a little fun. Take the quiz which lesbian stereotype are you?


When you see a girl with Bieber’s hair, tattooed forearms, in a white, flannel, or subtly printed button-down (long or short and yet) with sleeves rolled up, you think g-a-y. While there is some truth in the cliche. There are different types of gay women out there! Yes beyond the colors (blue, pink, purple), lesbian stereotype, and probably, more than the results you’ll find at the end of this quiz.

So gay or straight, have fun, and be enlightened which lesbian stereotype are you! ;D

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Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?

1. Choose a look

2. Makeup is for

1. Important occasions
2. Everyday use but I like to keep it natural
3. Nope, you don’t wear makeup
4. You’re not a huge fan of makeup but you like to look nice when you do go out
5. Everyday and I like to try out different looks
6. Depends on my mood!
7. Looking presentable; I’ve the basics, like lip and cheek and tint

3. Which activity do you prefer

1. Attending pride events
2. I go with the flow
3. Basketball and then drinks after
4. Spoken word open mic night
5. Shopping
6. I’m down for anything
7. Staying in with a good book or Netflix

4. Choose a movie

5. You’re either a fan or a player of this sport

1. I don’t play sports. I’m an intellectual
2. Football
3. Definitely basketball
4. More into tennis or golf
5. I am/was a cheerleader!
6. Depends on my mood or what the person am dating likes
7. Volleyball and maybe a little bit of basketball

6. You’ve a girl crush on

1. Kristen Stewart
2. Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black)
3. Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story)
4. Ellen Page (Juno)
5. Ellen Degeneres
6. Cara Delevigne
7. Jane Lynch

7. Choose a tattoo

None of the above

8. This is how you style your hair

1. Doesn’t matter. But I’ve considered shaving it all off
2. I wear it up or down, depends on the day or my mood
3. Definitely short
4. I like to keep it clean and neat
5. Depends on my look for the day
6. Either super long or super short!
7. Basic

9. I listen to

1. Tori Amos and/or Fiona Apple
2. Sarah McLachlan
3. Mary J. Blige
4. Erykah Badu
5. Dua Lipa
6. Katy Perry
7. Cyndi Lauper

10. Queerbaiting

1. Is insulting
2. Is a problem
4. Does not appropriately represent gay (men) women
5. Is sad
6. *Unaffected*
7. No comment

All 10 questions completed!

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Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?

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Art Alexandra Lara

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