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Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?

Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?

Come on, don’t be so serious. Take the quiz



When you see a girl with Bieber hair, tattooed forearms, in a white, flannel or subtly printed button-down (long or short and yet) with sleeves rolled up, you think: g-a-y. While there is some truth in the cliche, there are different types of gay women out there, yes beyond the colors (blue, pink, purple), stereotypes and probably, more than the results you’ll find at the end of this quiz.


So gay or straight, have at it, have fun and be enlightened ;D


1 Choose a look

2 Makeup is for

3 Which activity do you prefer

4 Choose a movie

5 You’re either a fan or a player of this sport

6 You’ve a girl crush on

7 Choose a tattoo

8 This is how you style your hair

9 I listen to

10 Queerbaiting





Art Alexandra Lara

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