Wonder Fresh August 2022: Two Mixtapes For The Partygoers

Wonder Fresh August 2022: Two Mixtapes For The Partygoers

Welcome back to Wonder Fresh—we’re giving you two playlists for two types of partygoers



For Wonder Fresh August 2022, we’re offering a mixtape with two sides: one for the lively partygoers and another for the quieter wallflowers.


This August, Wonder puts balance at its center. May it be making space for self-care amid the hustle or finding the equilibrium between protecting one’s peace and sharing themselves for the world to see. The concept can also worm its way into our relationship dynamics and the type of people we are when we turn inward. And for Wonder Fresh, we’re dedicating our playlists to the life of the lives-of-the-party and the quiet wallflowers.


In all honesty, August alone is abundant with great releases for all types of partygoers, may it be the ones who thrive on the dancefloor or those who prefer quiet pockets of conversation. We’ve got the undeniable, danceable RENAISSANCE by Beyoncé and the joyous ease of Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav Bounces Vol 2. On the other side, Maximillian and NIKI try out new sounds best for winding down.


Up ahead, we bring you Sides A and B of Wonder Fresh August 2022.


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Side A: For The Life of the Party


As a partygoers, you like a good buildup to the party. You know, the slow and steady climb to the high energy and thrum of the crowd. So we’re kicking it off with Hailee Steinfeld’s Coast, featuring Anderson .Paak. The contagious, almost wave-like instrumental makes you feel like you’re cruising towards the high. To keep the mood going are Calvin Harris, Stefflon Don, Chloë and Coi Leray with Woman of the Year. The British DJ seems to have nailed the balance between joyousness of electro-disco and the laid-back energy of easy listens. Add in Chloë’s electric proclamations leveled out by Coi Leray’s lazy but confident drawl, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on a high.


Carly Rae Jepsen’s Beach House takes the mood up a notch—the pop song providing a palate cleanser that would have every partygoer getting up and dancing. Up next, Beyoncé’s ENERGY featuring BEAM keeps the mood going, the dancehall and bounce-infused bop filled with immaculate vibes that belong to the dance floor. Finally, we close out Side A with Megan Thee Stallion’s Budget, a high-attitude rap track best for when you’re feeling yourself. There’s nothing like that bout of self-confidence and comfort in yourself while enjoying the night—let Budget take you to that headspace.


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Side B: For The Quiet Wallflowers


While you like a good party, you often feel content watching from the sidelines. Not in a totally pretentious way, but you have a preference for seeing things unfold instead of experiencing them yourself. Either way, we’ve got jams for the chill partygoer, especially for when you want to taper down and enjoy the view. Side B starts with Maximillian’s I’m Not Me, a track with a touch of pop-punk to fully get his message across. The 1975 follow it up with Happiness, a song reminiscent of their more upbeat songs like It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You.


To even out the mood a little bit comes Any Name’s Okay with Limbo, fresh from their new EP called Leaving Home. The song might start as another emotive ballad, but it gives way to soaring instrumentals, booming drums and melodic strings reverberating through your entire being. Then comes NIKI, who takes us on a trip down memory lane with High School in Jakarta. The addictive pop track is flush with the singer-songwriter’s lyrical prowess as she recounts high school, heartbreak and (somewhat) happier times. Finally, Loco and Hwa Sa finish Side B with Somebody! The easygoing R&B track, led by Hwa Sa’s angelic vocals and Loco’s cheeky rap flows, ends the playlist with some shining optimism. The two impart a few words for Ghost Month: we hope you’re okay.


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Happy listening, partygoers! If you want your recs included for the next Wonder Fresh playlist, hit us up in the comments below.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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