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Wonder Fresh: Introducing Our Playlist For May 2020

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Featuring new music worthy of your ears and maybe even a spot on your own playlist



Wonder Fresh highlights the best new music curated by Wonder for your listening pleasure. 


This month, Jhené Aiko’s Magic Hour is on repeat for that meditative calm many of us crave. The mantra-like lyrics, “It ain’t perfect, but everything’s beautiful” paired with singer-songwriter’s silky, smooth vocals is exactly the sound bath we need. Also on our radar, underrated Singapore indie-pop trio HubbaBubbas’ and K-Indie artist Kwak Pureunhaneul’s new single Rumble Under My Toes. The story behind the music and collaboration is hinged on uncertainty and the emotions that come with it, which can be felt through the almost four-minute song. 


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Other tracks on our list are courtesy of lo-fi artist Powfu, whose death bed (coffee for your head) two months later still hurts deep like an open wound, multilingual pop artist Mishaal’s Friends, his first new release for 2020 and is “dedicated to all our friends,” with the message, “we’ll be together soon” and Glass Animals’ nostalgic memoir Dreamland from the titular album, which comes out July 10, 2020.


Rounding out Wonder Fresh is TXT’s anticipated Can’t You See Me from their new EP, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. The fresh new track ~and visuals~ mirror the boys’ journey and friendship, resulting in a sound that lives at the intersection of gritty and delicate.


Jhené Aiko, Magic Hour


HubbaBubbas, Rumble Under My Toes


Powfu, deathbed (coffee for your head)


Powfu just recently debuted his EP poems of the past, which kicks off with death bed. It also includes three brand new tracks, like i’ll come back to you and a remix of deathbed featuring Blink 182.


Glass Animals, Dreamland


What’s utterly unique about the accompanying music video is that it’s self-made by the psychedelic pop band’s lead Dave and filmed entirely through ZOOM.


Mishaal ft. Powfu, Friends




Got songs you want to add to this playlist? Sound off below!



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