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How Well Do You Know Your Britney Spears Lyrics?

How Well Do You Know Your Britney Spears Lyrics?

“If you think you’re so hot, better show us what you got”



Be it our childhood, adolescence or present-day adulthood, we’ve all been touched by a Britney Spears track or two and uttered many a Britney Spears lyric. It’s a true testament to the pop legend’s staying power in the industry, having made a memorable first impression in the ‘90s, churned out anthem after anthem in the 2000’s and solidified her place as an icon with all that followed.


For some of us, the love for the Grammy Award-winning, choreography-slaying, Las Vegas-headlining queen goes well beyond blasting the occasional Billboard chart topper. It means a thorough listen of Miss Britney Jean Spears’ nine-album discography and committing Britney Spears lyrics to memory…from “…Baby One More Time” to “Glory.”


Think you can get 15 out of 15 in this quiz on Britney Spears lyrics? In the end, the true, hardcore Britney fans will be revealed.


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1. You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a _______? You better work bitch.

2. With a taste of your lips, I'm on a _______. You’re toxic. I’m slippin’ under.

3. The reason I breathe is you. Boy, you got me _______.

4. I don't know how to live without your _______. I was born to make you happy.

5. You see my _______ is this: I'm dreaming away, wishing that heroes they truly exist.

6. You might think that I can’t _______ it, but you're wrong. ‘Cause now I'm stronger than yesterday…

7. __________ me to need release, uncontrollably…

8. Boys: sometimes a girl just needs one. Boys: to love her and to _______.

9. What's practical is _______, what the hell, who cares? All I know is I'm so happy when you're dancing there.

10. See the sunlight, we ain’t stoppin’. Keep on _______ till the world ends.

11. I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. All I need is time, a moment that is _______, while I'm in between.

12. _______, you got the swagger of a champion. Too bad for you, you just can’t find the right companion.

13. Baby, you spin me around. Oh, the _______ is moving, but I can’t feel the ground.

14. But every time you come too close, I _______.

15. They go, “Isn't she _______, this Hollywood girl?” And they say, “She's so lucky, she's a star.”


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