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Which Cheesy Rom-Com Should You Stream on Valentine’s Day?


February 8, 2022
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Time to (re-)watch these classic rom-com movies on VDay



It’s Valentine’s Season yet again. Our surroundings are dripping in red, pink, and white, and anything we associate with love month adorns the internet and storefronts. For some, it’s a fantastic time to be in love. Meanwhile, for others, it’s another holiday that just sucks. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a jaded cynic, one can’t deny that watching and re-watching classic, cheesy rom-com movies has become a tradition. We watch to feel something, pass the time or bond with loved ones. Or perhaps you’re into the sweeter, happier side of films. (Or maybe you’re one of those people always down for some horror flicks no matter the season, and if so, you should take this quiz instead.)


Whatever the case, if you’re still prepping your rom-com movies watchlist for February 13 to 14, take this quiz to see which movie you should watch on Valentine’s Day.


Which Cheesy Rom-Com Should You Stream on Valentine's Day?

Describe the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend.

1. Just… a regular weekend?
2. A family affair.
3. An overhyped weekend—one I don’t mind celebrating.
4. An amazing weekend that celebrates relationships!
5. Exciting!
6. Exciting, but it could be better.

Who are you watching this movie with?

1. Myself.
2. The family.
3. My best friend!
4. The squad!
5. My partner—in real life!
6. My partner—through a screen.

What are you eating during the movie?

1. Ice cream and maybe a bottle of wine.
2. Popcorn, chips, all types of snacks. We got ‘em.
3. Not sure yet, it depends on my mood.
4. Anything goes!
5. Something fancy and expensive.
6. My SO’s favorite food!

What song resonates with you the most this season?

Liability by Lorde
I Know A Place by MUNA
Moonlight by Ariana Grande
S2pid Luv by Salbakuta
Lover by Taylor Swift
Kiss Me Thru the Phone by Soulja Boy

Quick, what do you need right now?

1. A break.
2. A snack.
3. A drink.
4. Some company would be nice…
5. Just a bit of attention… please?
6. Money, duh.

Favorite romantic comedy cliché?

1. Someone pulls off a grand gesture of affection.
2. Any kind of meet-cute, definitely.
3. A makeover montage…but not the way that you think.
4. The token badass falls deeply in love with the nice kid.
5. Kissing in the rain!
6. Leaving cute little love letters wherever they go.

What about the romantic comedy cliche you don’t really like?

1. The bully falls for the person they bet on.
2. The manic pixie dream girl.
3. The nerd or social outcast gets a makeover to fit in.
4. A grand and intricate airport chase. We don’t need that inconvenience.
5. A celebrity falls for the average person.
6. Major miscommunications that could’ve been solved if they had talked.

Lastly, who’s the best on-screen couple?

Juliet and Romeo (Romeo + Juliet, 1996)
Elio and Oliver (Call Me By Your Name, 2017)
Monica Geller and Chandler Bing (FRIENDS, 1994 to 2004)
Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, 2018 to 2021)
Rachel Chu and Nick Young (Crazy Rich Asians, 2018)
Princess Leah and Han Solo (Original Star Wars Trilogy, 1977 to 1983)

All 8 questions completed!

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Which Cheesy Rom-Com Should You Stream on Valentine's Day?

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