Quiz: Can You Name the Most Popular TV Shows of All Time?

Quiz: Can You Name the Most Popular TV Shows of All Time?

Can you guess the TV shows titles based on these clues?



Before there were memes, there were iconic TV shows quotes.


Actually, scratch that. Some of today’s funniest memes are still based on TV dialogue or hilarious onscreen moments. If anything, this long-standing presence of entertainment series in our lives––even where our television screens aren’t concerned––is a testament to just how much we’ve been shaped by the shows we watch growing up, after a long day of work or over the weekend.


So the question remains: have you been watching the right stuff? While we wouldn’t go as far as claiming that there’s a wrong way to watch TV, there are definitely some programs every present-day viewer ought to cross off their to-watch list. They’re hilarious, comforting, dramatic, cynical––each deserving of their iconic status one way or another.


Have you watched the most popular TV shows of all time? Take the quiz below to find out!


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