This Quiz Will Tell You Which Horror Movie Franchise to Stream on Halloween Weekend


October 29, 2020
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It’s that time of year!



Halloween weekend used to be a social event: if you have kids or know kids, the afternoon would be spent knocking on doors and, come the early evening, we would dress up as our favorite characters of the year, make our way to our favorite bars and let the nights take us where they may.


Alas, such outdoor activities are now a thing of the past, and we are left with less choices to celebrate Halloween. The good news: There are still several ways to celebrate and one such way is to binge watch horror movies.


We know you can do this any other weekend of the year, but Halloween just automatically makes things a little spookier, don’t you think?


Time to find out what horror movie franchise you should stream this Halloween weekend!


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This Quiz Will Tell You Which Horror Movie Franchise to Stream on Halloween Weekend

How brave do you think you are?

1. Everything scares me
2. I’m not brave but I like being scared
3. It really depends
4. The world is scary; I’ve seen it all
5. Not so…

Which among these would scare you the most?

1. Spending the night somewhere with a haunted past
2. Demons, spirits, whatever you want to call them
3. Things that move for no logical reason
4. IRL people
5. Someone that wants to kill me

Where would you find refuge or what would give you relief?

1. Friends and family
2. Some expert advice
3. Seeing things play out
4. Daylight
5. Locked doors

What would your weapon of choice be?

1. Something long and sharp
2. Prayer
3. I prefer to hide
4. A gun—or anything long range
5. A knife

Complete the statement: “I hate…

1. …creepy kids.”
2. …when people don’t act like themselves.”
3. …the idea that I don’t know everything.”
4. …rules.”
5. …dolls.”

Complete the statement: “When in doubt…

1. …fake it.”
2. …call for help.”
3. …hit the record button.”
4. …lock the doors.”
5. …run.”

Which among these would most ruin a perfect day?

1. People not being in the moment
2. When your loved one doesn’t act like themselves
3. Someone staring at you while you sleep
4. When people push you to say something like, “If it wasn’t against the law to kill someone…”
5. When something from the past haunts you again

All 7 questions completed!

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This Quiz Will Tell You Which Horror Movie Franchise to Stream on Halloween Weekend

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