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QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Villain Are You?

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We love to hate these demented psychopaths



Halloween is upon us, and it’s the best excuse to watch horror movies and showcase these demented psychopaths—iconic horror villains we love to hate. Whether you need a last-minute costume idea for your barkada’s e-numan session or want to manifest the villain within—sans the murderous rage and lack of empathy—there’s a character out there just for you.


QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Villain Are You?

For a personal feature, you would candidly describe yourself as:

1. An insomniac
2. Controlling
3. Verily fond of children
4. Self-important
5. Intelligent

Your childhood dream was to become…

1. What even are dreams?
2. A psychologist
3. An entertainer
4. A Wall Street professional
5. A nurse

For a long weekend, pre-COVID, you would:

1. Be a couch potato and stay at home
2. Watch a live concert
3. Attend a friend's birthday party
4. Hit the streets and be the social butterfly that you are
5. Go up the mountains where it’s isolated

You have a phobia of:

1. Fire
2. Blood
3. Clowns
4. Commitment
5. Needles

What are you looking for in a partner?

1. Obsessive
2. Intelligent
3. Has a good sense of humor
4. Self-confident
5. Nurturing

If you were a serial killer, your peculiar way of killing your prey is:

1. Visiting a victim in her dreams, which she will never wake up from
2. Cooking and serving your victim's intestines to your plus-one
3. Luring your date to the sewers and gnawing his arm off
4. Bringing a date to your apartment and hacking said someone to death with an axe
5. Stalking your prey and locking him in a far-flung bungalow

All 6 questions completed!

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QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Villain Are You?

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