5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy

Let’s stop the fakery, shall we?



We live in a world where it’s easy to fake anything—we have girls faking the best vacations when they’re actually keeping themselves up because they hate the hostel they’re staying in and boys faking that they have money with the shoes they have when they’re actually in so much debt. But if there’s one thing we shouldn’t put up a façade of, it’s our own happiness. We’ve all gotten into the habit of sharing all the good and hiding the bad that the society we live in now seems to only accept positivity. And if we’re being honest, it isn’t helping anyone.


So let’s just do ourselves the biggest favor we can and save ourselves from that, yeah?


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy


You’re lying to yourself

That #blessed selfie that’s getting you so many notifications may be fooling your followers, but you know you’re not in the best phase of your life. They’re seeing nothing beyond that image they chance upon on their newsfeed, but you’re living beyond that screen and lying to yourself. So who’s the real fool?


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy


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You’re adding extra baggage

There once was a story that went something like this: A teacher asked her students to go to their school’s backyard and pick up whatever represented their troubles. When everyone had picked up small pebble or a heavy rock of their own, the teacher said they would have to carry it with them for the rest of the week. Those that represented their troubles heavily suffered, while the rest barely noticed.


It’s the same thing when we put off dealing with a bad feeling, we only end up adding to that weight—which can sometimes feel heavier than anything physical.


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy


Everything will blow up and you don’t want to be there for the explosion

Imagine a bag of all your negative thoughts, something you keep with you always “just in case.” Imaging it filling up until its seams are threatening to pop open. Imagine something trickling down—gradually at first, before everything spills out like a waterfall. You might soon find yourself unable to keep things together and reality will come crashing down.


Trust us, you don’t want to be that drunk chick at the bar screaming profanities and crying (and barfing and tripping).


You’ll stop finding the value in the things

When you put up a wall painted with happiness whether at work or with our relationships, everything surrounding it will eventually lose all value. Had dinner with your SO and got that candlelit shot to post on social media? Suddenly the mean and the conversation won’t seem as important as the number of times your phone lights up with the new comment, like or love.


You’ll never get over it

Most importantly, though, you’ll fail yourself when you refuse to face things as they come. You won’t give yourself the opportunity to move on from them. The more you force focusing on the positive and lighter things in life, the more you distance yourself from what needs closure.


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy


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So please just let yourself be sad when you’re sad. Let yourself be angry when you’re angry. Do it for yourself because this world won’t bother to ask you to twice. The real happiness will come after.



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