A List of Things You Forgot To Be Grateful For

A List of Things You Forgot To Be Grateful For

A little reminder (and perspective) on the things you forgot to be grateful for



When it comes to the day-to-day grind, it’s easy to fall into a pit of despair. We get so caught up in the having to wake up, having to go to work, having to do actual work and then suffering through the traffic to get home—which could either be a sanctuary (if you’re lucky) or the start of more have-to-dos (sorry, fam).


In the routine of all of this, we tend to bend towards the negative when it comes to how our lives are going. It’s the “same shit, different day” parody, except it’s the truth of our lives—but it’s only so because we forget to be grateful for the good things that do find themselves coming our way. You never know, maybe remembering the things you forget to be grateful for will give you a little bit of perspective.


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Your job (and officemates)

You might not like your job, but be thankful if you have one. Be thankful you have a means to earn and that, twice a month, your bank account gets some money in it. And while you’re at it, be thankful for the people who sit, stand and grimace beside you—there’s nothing quite like knowing someone else is going through the same shit you do.


Misery loves company, ey?


Your (sense and) senses

For those of us that have all the senses we were meant to, it’s easy to forget how great it is to have them. Have you ever seen a video of someone being able to hear for the first time? Of someone seeing color? It’s amazing how lucky we actually are to know a bus is passing by (no matter how late it gets to you).


Good music (and earphones)

In the entire world, there might be no better company than good music. For whatever you are feeling and whatever you want to say, there is a track out there for you. But also, thank the heavens for earphones because not everyone shares the same taste in music.


Sometimes it just has to be a solidary activity, you know? Especially on commutes. Don’t be the asshole that plays music from their smartphone’s speakers.


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The (trolls of the) internet (and memes)

Thank god for the internet and all the gifts that it has given us, particularly the memes that make us laugh and the trolls who get on our ass. Sure, the trolls definitely know how to pick at our patience, but they honestly help us solidify our values and opinions sometimes. Memes, on the other hand, are just plain fun. How else would we evoke a feeling without having to describe it?





Some of us might not have been using our AC units recently because of the rainy season, but they truly are a godsend when the sun is out—why else would we all flock to the malls during the summer? When things are readily available and working and stable and reliable, they sometimes take the backburner and we forget how things would be without them (oi, are we still just talking about AC?).


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Did we miss out on anything? Of course we did; but we’re not here to do all the thinking for you. Being thankful for things you forgot to be grateful for should be an exercise to practice—not a lesson to learn.



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