We’re Charging Ahead This Capricorn Season

We’re Charging Ahead This Capricorn Season

So let’s take cues from these famous Capricorns



Time flies awfully fast. We’re now bidding 2021 adieu and gearing up for a brand new slate for 2022. Sagittarius season provided us with the best time to explore different options, move out of our comfort zones, embrace adventure and welcome change. But as the sun moved forward and aligned with Capricorn, we turn hopeful as we focus our sights on plotting tangible plans to meet our goals for the New Year.



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Grounded, resourceful, disciplined and ambitious. These are the essential qualities of a Capricorn, the sign who knows how to work towards concrete results. So as we close the year and prepare for a new beginning, Capricorn season encourages us to list down our goals and break them into concrete action steps. This process will help you achieve your goals slowly but surely; that’s why it’s the Cap’s tried-and-tested method.


Cardinal signs begin each season—with Aries kicking off spring, Cancer doing the same for summer, Libra opening fall and Capricorn jumpstarting winter. These types of signs thus embody the qualities of a leader: taking the initiative and pioneering projects. However, don’t take on too much that you forget to figure out the action steps. Focus on one goal at a time when you break each plan down to the basics, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Charge ahead but with dignity—slow and steady. Don’t rush into things blindly.


Much like their fellow earth signs Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn is very dependable, sometimes to a fault. However, since Capricorns are dead set on getting things done and reaching achievements, this hyperfocus on the plan gives them the tendency to refuse spontaneity. Instead, put the work-and-play balance you’ve developed into good use this Capricorn season. Avoid working yourself to the bone and aim for mastery and success. Know when to stick to your plan and learn when to embrace detours—your gut will tell you when to do so.


Still lost on how to charge full speed ahead this Capricorn season? Let’s take notes from these famous Caps.


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Hayley Williams

December 27, 1988


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In true Capricorn fashion, Hayley Williams manages to triple hat as a musician, singer/songwriter and businesswoman. But all these didn’t land on her lap in one fell swoop. Instead, she slowly worked to build Paramore and venture into her own solo music. Eventually, she also launched her beauty and hair product brand, Good Dye Young. So take notes from her: achievements will come slowly but surely.


Timothée Chalamet

December 27, 1995



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Timothée Chalamet wasn’t awarded multiple accolades out of sheer luck. If anything, the recognition is a product of his hard work through the years. His ambitiousness is admirable because he didn’t settle for a certain level of breakthroughs—he just continuously works towards more. And it’s this drive we need to channel into the new year.


Sana of TWICE

December 21, 1996



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Minatozaki Sana or Sana of the iconic girl group TWICE is one heck of a Capricorn because of her tenacious and determined disposition. But when she’s off the stage and free to have fun, Sana’s playful with her members and fans—a perfect example of the balance of work and play.


Lin-Manuel Miranda

January 16, 1980



Given Lin-Manuel Miranda’s track record of award-winning shows and musicals, he knows how to plot, work and achieve concrete results. But despite all the awards and landmarks, he’s no stranger to editing and reworking plots and drafts before turning them into the shows we enjoy until now. So let’s take cues from Lin-Manuel himself this Capricorn season by drawing out our plans one goal at a time.


Michelle Obama

January 17, 1964



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Saturn rules Capricorn, hence why this sign is considered prudent, disciplined and wise. Michelle Obama, a natural born leader, continues to launch projects that support her advocacies even if she's out of politics. From health and education to LGBTQIA+ rights, Michelle Obama leads and gets things done with love.



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Let’s wrap 2021 up in high spirits and begin 2022 on a good note. There’s a reason why both happen during Capricorn season!



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