What We’re Listening to: Real Talk With Janina Vela

What We’re Listening to: Real Talk With Janina Vela

From YouTube and now Spotify, what else is next for Janina Vela?



As a staunch believer in self-care, content creator Janina Vela's new project isn't surprising. Alongside Globe's Self Space, she enters the world of podcasts via Real Talk with Janina Vela prompting essential discussions on self-care, wellness and improvement with special guests.   


During our last conversation for our September cover story, the YouTuber and now podcast host reveals tangible steps she takes to cultivate self-care. For her emotional health, it’s allowing herself to process her experiences with people around her she trusts. For her spiritual health, it’s nurturing her relationship with God through prayer and constant study of the Word. For her mental health, it’s taking necessary social media breaks and taking the time to journal and lay down her thoughts. For her physical health, it’s working out at least thrice a week and eating right. Her systematic take on her well-being involves a lot of work but it’s worth it.



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The podcast series by Globe Self Space dedicated to cultivating open and honest conversations, covering topics on self-care and personal development, is here. Where to start?


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Navigating the Digital Workplace with Jim Bacarro 

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Feeling Home at Home: On Setting Boundaries and Staying Productive with Hershey Neri 

TV host and Counseling Psychology master’s student Hershey Neri joins Janina for episode two, as they share their struggles and feelings on self-worth, side hustles and finding a home at home.



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Which specific topics do you want Janina Vela to cover in future episodes? Any guests you want to hear? Let us know in the comments below!



Join Janina Vela every Wednesday for Real Talk with Janina Vela, only on Spotify. Follow Globe Self Space on Instagram to discover, grow and thrive. 



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