A Pound Class With NT Summer Equinox Year 2

A Pound Class With NT Summer Equinox Year 2

Ever wonder what it’s like inside a pound class?



For the second week of NT Summer Equinox Year 2, participants, including fitness enthusiast and Wonder contributor Max Lara, were treated to a pound class at Shangri-La at the Fort’s Kerry Sports Manila. For a good hour, they moved to music, sweat off a few pounds (or what felt like it) and fell in love with the experience of pound.


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The class started with an orientation, with Pound Pro Marge Camacho giving the 101 on the art of the workout. Basically, what she’d want the participants to do when she calls out gestures like Single, Double and Sweep. Naturally, this included how to properly hold the drumsticks as well (and a warning that squats will be the core of the workout).


Once the music started to play, it was clear—glaringly clear—that the class was going to be an intense one and Max validates the experience by sending us videos and photos of herself and the class. With tunes from the likes of Pink to Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift, it was difficult not to get caught up in the strength of it. And this was a strength that needed to carry itself on as the class got more and more energetic throughout the hour.


Between each song, everyone is encouraged to scream, shout, hoot and wail as they hit their two sticks together. It sounds a little strange, but the exercise actually keeps your energy up and keeps you from just laying down on the floor in exhaustion.



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Workout, pain and sweat aside, the pound class cemented what every other weekend with NT Summer Equinox has. That is, that there’s more to offer than just exercise. There is a feeling of security, support, love and encouragement that comes when you enter whatever four walls Nikki Torres and her team invite you to.


From your co-participants to your instructor, everyone in the room is willing to push you to your limits. But when you push, you know there’s a safety net to fall back on should you need a little breather. There is zero room for judgement.


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“Pound is definitely an event that you have to try at least once in your life,” says Max. “It doesn’t just address toning your physical body, but helps you mentally and emotionally, too. It was a cathartic experience and I found myself wanting to cry a few times over the course of the class because it felt good to feel good about myself again!”



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Words Maxine Lara as told to Adie Pieraz

Art Alexandra Lara


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