How To Survive and Thrive This Scorpio Season, As Told By Our Fave Scorpios

How To Survive and Thrive This Scorpio Season, As Told By Our Fave Scorpios

Scorpio season is going to be pretty… intense



It’s no coincidence that Halloween coincides with Scorpio season. “Dark,” “intense” and “mysterious” are just some of the ways to describe personalities who embody this sign; traits that also fit the spooky season. Now that the Sun left the cosmic area of the balanced Libra, it sits in line with Scorpio. But behind this sign’s quiet and shadow-like side lies a fiery intensity. And that’s why this season invites us to channel our inner Scorpios by being passionate and heated as we leave the laid-back and balanced aura of Libra season behind us.



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This passion and intensity bleed over to our relationships. Libra season gave us ground to connect and reconnect, and Scorpio szn is giving us the extra intuition and focus to zero in on the relationships that truly matter. So take time to take care of the existing bonds you have, whether it’s a brand new friend or fanning the flame with your SO. Get more intimate and strengthen the relationship. Sexuality is also heavily associated with Scorpio, which makes this szn the opportune time to experiment with your partner to keep the love alive—if you know what I mean. Wink.


This intensity also pours over to the more internal aspects, whether this means diving into a new obsession or learning new things about ourselves. While we’ve accepted the culture of sharing anything and everything online, let’s choose to leave some for us. Scorpios are mysterious and love to amp up the suspense factor, shrouding their lives with a semblance of secrecy. That’s just their nature—quiet and private—but it helps them thrive. So don’t be afraid to cherry-pick what to share with the world. Sometimes the best audience is a group of only the best ones. 


Scorpios are perceptive and can see right through people. The sign, ruled by Mars (the planet of action and desire) and Pluto (the planet of destruction) can also make us channel certain “shadow emotions,” such as jealousy, insecurity and a little bit of vengeance—this is where transformation plays a big part. Instead of getting ahead of yourself, use these feelings to map out your goals and figure out what you want for yourself. Who knows, you might create something positive in the process.


Yet beneath all the sensuality and intensity lies a quiet sensitivity and a sharp perception—after all, Scorpios are still water signs. They hide behind their tenacity to put up a front, but they can see right through people. Thus, this season brings forth an intuition boost for all of us. Trust yourself and that nagging feeling in your gut or the voice in your head when you make decisions. 


Still looking for ways to survive and thrive this Scorpio szn? Let these Scorpio personalities teach you the ropes.


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Frank Ocean

October 28th, 1987



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Aside from the apparent mystery of his whereabouts after announcing his jewelry line, Homer, Frank Ocean’s lyrics are a testament to his Scorpio influence, which ultimately makes sense. He’s written the soundtracks to our cry sessions and heartbreak. Frank Ocean’s lyrics—real, raw and painful—show off Scorpio’s sensitivity. Don’t be afraid to get into your feelings this Scorpio season. Feel it, feel it all.


Nadine Lustre

October 31st, 1993


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Our May 2021 cover girl Nadine Lustre makes the case of one hell of a Scorpio by checking all the boxes. Nadine is passionate in everything she does, focusing on her craft to bring only the best. Anyone can see it in the success of her projects: Wildest Dreams and her makeup line, Lustrous. And like all our favorite Scorpios in this list, Nadine chooses what to show the public. 


Kendall Jenner

November 3rd, 1995



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It's a known fact that each significant and minor occurrence of the Kardashian-Jenner clan gets put on full blast. But whatever happens, Kendall manages and makes it a point to keep some news to herself. Even if she grew up with cameras surrounding her, this Scorpio queen learned the subtle art of keeping things under wraps. And it’s often worked in her favor.



November 7th, 1996


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For a masterclass in peak Scorpio mystery, then take notes on how to stay hidden from our favorite transcendental witch, Lorde. She falls off the radar and goes through a transformation; two different journeys of self-discovery. Adventures that she chronicles only in her music. Lorde is a self-aware Scorpio who’s wise beyond her years, one who has leaned into the darkness but created something beautiful like Melodrama. Like Lorde, let's lean towards our dark sides. Who knows, it might result in something great.



November 8th, 1989 



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SZA carries that specific type of sensuality and tenacity found in Scorpios that learning about her Astrological sign out everything into perspective. Her music hits the perfect balance of emotion and sensuality—embracing and exploring her sexuality with The Weekend and Doves In The Wind. She’s unapologetically herself, proud and alluring in true Scorpio fashion. And like SZA, champion that unabashed confidence this season and for all seasons.


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And that, folks, is how you survive and thrive in Scorpio season! Good luck and enjoy the ride.



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