5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder

5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder

Getting the mileage out of our pick from the 0917 Vanguard Fortress Collection



Jacket season or whatever else we used to call it in the old normal is finally here. A cozy yet bitter reminder that we’re nearing eight months––YES, EIGHT––of life in quarantine.


Ideally, we’d have ourselves a noticeable transition from one season to the next, evidenced by a shift toward garments we can bundle up in. But this ceases, really, to exist anymore. It’s become evident in the past couple of months that there are only two modes to note in quarantine: work (read: house clothes) and errand (outside clothes). The two being seasonless and, if we’re being honest, lacking inspiration for the most part.


This is not to say, though, that transitional wardrobe items have no place in this routine. On the contrary, pieces like a lightweight jacket, a knit cardigan, a tailored blazer are great to put on a steady rotation, be it for WFH days filled with camera-on Zoom meetings, or a mall run or trip to the supermarket.


This is also not to say you can’t have fun finding ways to maximize the one thing. In the case of the transition piece from the 0917 Vanguard Fortress Collection, the team and I got to take on a styling exercise while putting its versatility to the test. The Sisterhood of the Traveling 0917 Vanguard Jacket a little too on the nose? Either way, we’ll run with it.


Ahead, five different ways to wear this key item from 0917 Lifestyle’s utilitarian-inspired release.


Lean Into Oversizing

Sarah Santiago, Editor-in-Chief

5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder


I love a good versatile piece of outerwear much like the 0917 Vanguard jacket, and it’s in a great color that you can wear all-year-round too.


These days, as we all continue to learn and WFH, comfort is my number one priority when it comes to dressing up. At home, I’m usually in an oversized shirt or sports bra (just me?) that I pair with high-waist leggings or cycling shorts. So when I need to head out quick because we’re short on supplies, I usually just throw something over my pambahay look, like a boxy utilitarian jacket. Cinch at the waist with a belt for some shape and wear with your favorite accessories and sneakers. Last tip, and thinking about it now, this would’ve looked better had my cycling shorts been longer that day!


Making a Case for the *Severe* Midriff Peephole

Yours truly, Fashion & Politics Lead 

5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder


Jacket season or not, I’ve always been insistent on layering. And I’ve learned a thing or two about working around unforgiving weather in this regard. One tactic is to create a “midriff peephole” that I swear does a great job at balancing all that fabric and all that coverage (a style pointer borrowed from Alexander Wang’s spring 2014 showcase if we’re naming references).


On one of my errand days, I paired a sports bra with a loose-fit, high-waist trouser for my base look. Then I wore a crisp button-down blouse and, over that, the 0917 Vanguard jacket, securing just the topmost buttons on both pieces to let the midriff have its moment. This styling hack is the equivalent of cozying up under a thick blanket at bedtime while leaving one foot out from under the covers to cool off your entire body. The same cooling principle applies here (something to consider next summer)!


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A WFH Uniform Upgrade

Alexandra Lara, Art Director

5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder


Simple, comfy and breezy. This is what my work from home clothes all have in common––aside from sitting and working in my dasters occasionally. ??


The weather has been forgiving lately, so when I feel the need to sit out in the open, the 0917 Vanguard jacket is just what I need when the wind gets chilly. I balanced its oversized look with two pieces that are relatively slimming to give a bit of shape back to the overall silhouette. I mean, let’s be honest here––no one’s gonna see since we're all at home, but I WILL so…???? We all feel the need to look good now and then even when we’re all stuck at home, right?


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5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder

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5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder

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5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder

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Same but Different: One Take on Monochromatic Dressing

Cessi Treñas, Beauty & Music Lead

5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder


While this might not be the most reasonable way to style a jacket in a tropical country, Im making a case for the jackets-as-shirts movement. Similar to how I like my makeup, I appreciate pieces in my closet being multi-use—and thankfully, this jacket is lightweight enough to double as a structured button-down.


Building off its utilitarian touches, I tucked the Vanguard jacket into a pair of trousers to create a monochromatic look. The shades arent a perfect match, but I think it works to create a uniform-but-not-quite situation. Pair with chunky sneakers or boots and youre good to go.


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God Is in the Details

Matthew Ian Fetalver, Graphic Artist

5 Ways to Wear the 0917 Vanguard Jacket According to Team Wonder


As someone who almost exclusively wears black, it made sense for me to go with these trousers and this pair of shoes to strike a contrast given the light tone of the jacket. Meanwhile, the cobblestone t-shirt was a nice way to complement the color of the jacket. I decided to make the belt one of the focal points of the look, too. Even though the safety pin detail is completely useless and exists only for aesthetic purposes, I thought it would go well with the utilitarian vibe of the jacket. And then finally, we have the Doomsday Mask from Ranroe, which is name-appropriate, essential and fulfills my need to have a lot of black on me at all times.


God is in the details, so it’s good to have a few interesting small points of focus on an outfit. The rest should be clean and minimal.



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Shop the 0917 Vanguard Jacket featured in this post here. Meanwhile, to see the full 0917 Vanguard: Fortress Collection, tap here.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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