Tried-and-tested Acne Control Solutions for Skin

Tried-and-tested Acne Control Solutions for Skin

From Kamedis to Oxecure, here are products that help treat and prevent acne



Mask-induced acne or “maskne” is part of our stark reality. Because of the constant friction against our skin, combined with humidity, acne’s just unavoidable. That is, on top of the summer heat, which leads to uncontrollable sweating, causing clogged pores. Now that we’re also more comfortable with going outdoors, skin is even more susceptible to dirt and other environmental factors. 


Fortunately, there are skincare products easily available in the market that can help treat and prevent acne. 


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Get to know the Allure Beauty winner’s Complete Anti-Maskne Gameplan


The groundbreaking, derma-cosmetic brand, Kamedis, may not be as popular as other drugstore and luxury brands in the country, but it’s definitely trusted and well-loved on a global scale. Combining modern science and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), their award-winning products—even scoring an Allure Beauty Award in 2019 for Best Eczema Body Moisturizer—provide effective and powerful skincare solutions for eczema, dandruff and acne. 


Healthy skin starts with the brand’s dermatologist-tested and clinically proven botanical skincare, which strips itself of fillers and harsh chemicals. This gives skin the best chance to return to its natural healthy balance. 


Tried-and-tested Acne Control Solutions for Skin

Kamedis AC-Clear Breakout Kit (P3,200)


Struggling with persistent acne? Kamedis’ Complete Anti-Maskne Gameplan includes must-haves from their bestselling Clear Line: the AC-Clear Face Cleanser, Face Cream and Spot Treatment. Treat and prevent acne in just 12 hours with a lightly foaming, gentle cleanser, which thoroughly cleans skin without drying it; a potent spot treatment, which reduces inflammation; and a fast-absorbing moisturizer that balances skin’s sebum production. The products are formulated with carefully selected botanicals, glycerin and salicylic acid, too, helping skin return to its natural and healthy balance.



Speed up your acne journey recovery and embrace the light!


We can’t and won’t stop raving about Oxecure and their effective solutions for acne-prone and oily skin. From the bestselling Acne Clear Potion, dermatologically tested to reduce acne in as fast as six hours, to the Acne Defense Prebio Serum, which visibly fades and brightens post-acne marks in just a week. We’re hooked!


Oxecure Acne Clear Light Therapy Pen (P999)


Add the Oxecure Acne Clear Light Therapy Pen to your essentials if you’re struggling with mask-induced or hormonal acne. This acne control tool makes saying goodbye to unwanted pimples easier! Powered by blue and red light technology, it reduces acne-causing bacteria, calms redness caused by acne and visibly fades stubborn post-acne marks.


Need products to brighten post-acne marks and hyperpigmentation? We’ve got you covered!



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