Wonder Beauty Counter: August is About the Stuff You’ve Waited Forever For, and the Stuff You Never Knew You Needed

Wonder Beauty Counter: August is About the Stuff You’ve Waited Forever For, and the Stuff You Never Knew You Needed

It's another month of fresh beauty discoveries



We all know what it’s like to read a review or watch a YouTube haul, fix our target on a certain product and be overcome with a severe feeling of want. This is especially true, we’ve found, in the beauty department. There are literally innumerable cosmetic products available locally, yet there will never quite be enough it seems. There will always be that one cult favorite brand you want to try out but can’t purchase within the country or without a helping hand from that one generous relative. There will always be that one beauty concern that gets on your nerves, one that existing products just can’t seem to address.


On the flipside, there are also those fortunate accidents in which we come across products or services that we never expected we’d fall in love with. Beauty epiphanies, if you will. 


In the August edition of our monthly Beauty Counter column, we explore these exact things. As fate would have it, the month before the -ber season kicks in has brought us both products we’ve long scoured the internet and bugged our frequent flier friends for, and stuff we never asked for but refuse to let out of sight now. Ahead, we discuss our newest beauty discoveries for your consideration. 


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The Products You’ve Waited Forever For

The Skincare Line You Can Finally Stop Bugging Your Relatives About

While the Philippines has definitely come a long way in terms of product selections and its overall beauty brand roster, some cult favorite brands from East Asia still call for overseas hoarding. Such was the case with Hada Labo-–until earlier this month, that is. Best known and renowned the world over for their Hydrating Lotion, Hada Labo (a name that translates to shortened version of the words ‘skin laboratory' in Japanese) is both straightforward and wonderfully complex. They keep the spotlight on a single ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, all across their products––and they serve the stuff up in spades. The best-selling Hydrating Lotion has four types of Hyaluronic Acid to get into the inner layers of the skin, depositing hydration and delivering that plump, healthy skin we all aspire for.


Hada Labo


While Hada Labo's current line-up of available products is limited, we're off to a good start. Get your hands on Hada Labo at your nearest brick-and-mortar Watsons store, or online via the Watsons website.


A Conditioner to Bring Back the Volume and Life The Humidity Took From Your Hair

Cream Silk Hydra Fresh

I believe we can collectively agree on this: that confused, rainy-meets-sunny post-summer window in the calendar is probably one of the most difficult periods to deal with, beauty-wise. There's the unforgiving heat, the ever-looming possibility of rain threatening to pour at the most random times of day, not to mention the round-the-clock humidity. The biggest victim to these conditions: our hair. It goes limp, it frizzes up, it loses moisture––with these conditions, anything could go wrong.


Cream Silk posed a solution to this problem this month with the launch of their new conditioner, Cream Silk Hydra Fresh. Marketed as (and proven to be!) their lightest formula yet, it does away with that greasy post-conditioner feeling by sticking to a water-based formula. It's nourishing enough, thanks to the Hydra Collagen Technology in its formula, to coat the hair and replenish the nutrients we lose to the daily hustle and bustle. (A personal side note: both variations of Hydra Fresh are sulfate-free, and have maintained my bleached and color-treated hair nicely!).


The Stuff You Never Knew You Needed

Deodorant… in Serum Form?

Dove Deodorant Dry Serum - Wonder Beauty Counter

Let's all admit it, deodorant isn't exactly a product most are discerning about. The regular consumer typically looks out for a roll-on, stick or cream that keeps the nasty at bay, so it definitely isn't common to see people thinking about the nutrients that are in its formula or how deep their deo can penetrate into the skin. The Dove Intensive Renew Dry Deodorant Serum comes into the scene as a game-changer because, wait a second, deodorant… serum?


Proving that underarm products are a missed opportunity for most, Dove packs their quick-drying, velvety-finish deo serum with Collagen to maintain elasticity and prevent sagging. Each variety of the Dry Deo Serum has its their own star ingredients working alongside Collagen to to address common concerns: Vitamin B3 to diminish dark marks, Omega6 to boost skin regeneration and Vitamin E to reduce the appearance of pores that typically appear post-wax or shave.


A Break from Fancy, Frilly Skincare 

Cetaphil - Wonder Beauty Counter

As much as we want to bandwagon on buzzword ingredients, there will always be moments when our skin refuses to cooperate. In those moments, I've found it's best to treat the skin like you would a whiny kid––just give it what it wants. And sometimes, all it really wants is a break.


That's where Cetaphil comes in. This month, the brand is launching its Healthy Skin Mission campaign in the hopes of getting people to listen not only to skincare trends but to their own skin type and concerns. There are 16 different skin types according to Dr. Leslie Baumann's ultra specific quiz––and assessing whether your skin identifies as oily or dry, sensitive or resistant, pigmented or non-pigmented, or even wrinkle-prone or tight can do wonders in figuring out the conundrum that is your skincare routine.


Naturally, Cetaphil serves up solutions in the form of a diverse product range. No matter where you find yourself in Baumann's 16-type chart, Cetaphil's got a skin-specific regimen to help dial your routine back down to the basics.


An All-In-One Platform for All Things Beauty and Wellness

Earlier this month, we at Wonder published an article entitled Where to Buy What. Like the title suggests, it's a comparative, comprehensive guide on the beauty enthusiast's favorite brands and where to shop them online––complete with links and prices, of course. Convenience is currency, after all, even when it's beauty and self-care rituals we're talking about.


A promising new website,, does the same for beauty and wellness services all over the metro. Partners with local hair and nail salons as well as global establishments like Browhaus, Blo and Strip!, Parlon makes discovering new places, booking a reservation and managing bookings just a little bit easier.

Wonder Beauty Counter -


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