Makeup Artists Weigh in on Pat McGrath’s Iconic Maison Margiela “Porcelain Doll” Look

Makeup Artists Weigh in on Pat McGrath’s Iconic Maison Margiela “Porcelain Doll” Look

Pat McGrath knows a thing or two about innovative makeup, and we’re all sat



After years of innovation in the field of makeup, we’re still discovering new ways to showcase beauty. With Haute Couture Week just wrapping up, we’ve witnessed some of the fashion world’s most outstanding creatives put on spectacular shows. But one show in particular took the internet by storm: Maison Margiela, but specifically Pat McGrath’s “porcelain doll” makeup on the Margiela models.



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If you’ve been wondering why everyone is suddenly looking extra shiny and dewy on your FYPs, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to dig in deep to find out what makeup artists and enthusiasts are saying about the iconic look.



“Glass skin on a whole new textured level”


@lookshoshana Behind Pat Mcgrath’s Maison Margiela makeup!! #maisonmargiela #patmcgrath #maisonmargiela#greenscreen #parisfashionweek ♬ original sound – Shoshana


It’s not every day we encounter looks as extravagant as this. So, to help us, Shoshana calls the Pat McGrath porcelain look “glass skin on a whole new textured level” to associate the look with something more familiar to the everyday makeup wearer. Citing Kryolan as the culprit of the show’s masterful makeup creations, Shoshana’s theory rests on the show’s makeup artists using Kryolan as the base of the look before applying the makeup on top of it—a technique we’ll see in a lot of the recreations of online creators. 



An everyday type of look


@sacheu Glass Skin inspired by the Pat Mcgrath x Maison Margiela Makeup ✨ im obsessed! #greenscreen ♬ In this shirt – ___lyrics.___


Sacheu showcases the Margiela show look for everyday makeup wear. Instead of Shoshana’s theory of placing makeup after the face peel, Sacheu takes on a more familiar approach: makeup on first before the face peel. This method leaves a more natural, dewy effect—something more for the every day, straight out of the runway.


Ane Marie

A concoction of peel-off mask and water


@anemariemua @Maison Margiela couture show was ICONIC. @Pat McGrath Labs just made history. Period. #patmcgrath #maisonmargiela #makeup #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound – Ane Marie


Ane Marie has a go at another method the internet uncovered from speculating behind-the-scenes information at the Margiela show: peel-off mask mixed with water. Thinning out the peel keeps the look much more delicate and clean, which has helped her achieve a rather ethereal glow—a signature at the Margiela show. 



Our very own makeup superstar


@so.raffy tagal ko ng hindi nageeditorial makeup so eto na hahaha advance happy halloween mga bading ❤️‍ peel of mask idea by @nate pahiram muna sissy hahaha #beautytok #beautytokph #editorialmakeupph #patmcgrath #maisonmargielacouture24 ♬ I Believe – Caroline Polachek


Our very own Raffy takes a spin on the Pat McGrath porcelain look with a similar peel-off mask method that his good friend and local makeup guru, Nate, shared on TikTok. His look has a similar ethereal glow as Ane Marie’s, only this time with show-worthy eye makeup that would have definitely made it onto the Margiela show. 


Mei Pang

Layers upon layers upon layers



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Now, if there’s anything that this look requires, it’s patience. Take it from Mei Pang, who took the time out of her day to spray not five, not seven, but 10 full layers of watered-down peel-off mask to achieve the porcelain doll look herself. She almost makes it look effortless. 



Her secret: Highlights after the mask


@marllii5 recreating the makeup by Pat McGrath for the recent Maison Margiela collection ❤️ #patmcgrathlabs #patmcgrath #maisonmargiela #johngalliano #parisfashionweek #fashion #editorialmakeup #creativemakeup #makeuptutorial ♬ Utterfly FX – Eartheater


The magic touch, according to Marli’s recreated Pat McGrath look, is the highlights after the peel-off mask. Every recreation video drops this step, but if you’re after the ultimate ethereal glow and dewy effect that the Margiela models had on the runway, this is the technique you’re after. 



“Just trust the process”



If you’re ever thinking of recreating this look, our very own Alejandro has one advice: Trust the process. It may feel like you’re doing all the wrong things, but if you’ve stuck to the products and techniques mentioned across several sources, you’ll find yourself right where you want to be. Trust us, you’ll look like a Margiela model in no time!



Make it your own 



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For Filipino creator and moreno advocate, Jeyo, he made the trend his own. Aside from highlighting his natural skin color, he added a personal touch by placing a teardrop design.


Would you recreate the porcelain doll look?



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Alexandra Lara

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