Colourette Cosmetics Stays on Top of the Game with Additional Shades of Colourtints and Shimmertints

Colourette Cosmetics Stays on Top of the Game with Additional Shades of Colourtints and Shimmertints

Colourette and its multi-use products are crowd-favorites in the local beauty industry for a reason



The beauty scene in the Philippines is always one step ahead with innovative and universally flattering products being pushed out left and right. Filipina-owned brand Colourette Cosmetics (a name that every makeup user knows) is taking on the local beauty industry one multi-use product at a time.


Championing #BeautyInAllWays, Colourette creates products that are meant for everyone—without limitations.


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Natural to a new level


Last October 22, Colourette Cosmetics dropped nine (yes, nine!) new shades of their best-selling Colourtints. This multi-use product meant for the eyes, lips and cheeks applies so seamlessly, and its range is perfect for any look that you’re going for. #TintOutsideTheBox includes the shades Sage (a baby pink flush), Naomi (a true rose blush), Cherry (a tomato red), Winter (a flamingo pink), Kaiya (a dolly pink), Bonnie (an easy everyday mauve), Meg (a muted pomegranate), Willow (a stone taupe) and Cola (a neutral caramel).



The new releases of the line come in the Fresh variant, which is perfect if you’re into that natural look! Made to look more sheer (as compared to the Matte variant) while still retaining its pigment, the nine shades dry down in a matte finish and are true-to-color.


Retailing for P399 online and in-store, the Colourtints bring us back to our carefree, high school days when everyone’s top priority was to fit in. Colourette reminds us that despite our differences in preferences, vibes and interests, #TintOutsideTheBox has something for everyone.



You can shop the new Colourtints on Shopee and Lazada.



Shining, shimmering and oh so splendid


Colourette Cosmetics truly blessed us with everything we could have asked for (and more) with the much-awaited restock of the all-time favorite Shimmertints! While the liquid shimmers in Crystal Prism, Yellow Diamond, Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz underwent a new look packaging-wise, the Filipina-run beauty brand went above and beyond by expanding the line with three new shades: Fire Opal (a fiery copper), Pink Amethyst (a coral rose) and Fool’s Gold (a glazed honey).



Now in seven shimmering shades, each retails for only P399 and is everything you could need in a tube. Whether it's a skin illuminator mixed into your base product of choice, a highlighter to complete your makeup look or eye makeup that will make heads turn, the Shimmertints are versatile and so easy to wear. It’s also uber-pigmented and long-lasting!



Colourette Cosmetics’ Manifest Your Inner Shimmer campaign definitely allows us to manifest all that good juju into our lives. And everything good comes in a shimmery bottle.


You can also shop the new Shimmertints on Shopee and Lazada.


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We can’t wait to get our hands on the new shades of the beloved, fan-favorite Colourtints and Shimmertints! Which shades are you eyeing for your next purchase, Boss Babes?


For more information, you can visit the Colourette Cosmetics website at and their Instagram page. You can also shop the Colourtints and Shimmertints on Shopee and Lazada.



Words Julia Makalintal

Art Macky Arquilla


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