Discover A Different World of Fashion With Monki

Discover A Different World of Fashion With Monki

Meet a purpose driven fashion brand that uses its global platform to drive change, from social sustainability to closing the gender gap



Not long ago, brands started leveraging international celebrations such as International Women’s Day or women’s month as part of their marketing campaign. But regardless of the intent, be it to capitalize on a particular market or to further a cause, in the case of women’s month, the message is clear: we women are seen and our causes are worth talking about. And for Monki, it’s worth building a brand on. 


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Since its inception in 2006, Monki has made it their mission to empower young women, to strengthen the community and contribute to change. Whether the brand addresses social sustainability, body rights, mental health, periods or simply new fashion trends, Monki wants to inspire its wearer to express their uniqueness and feel worthy just the way they are.


For International Women’s Day last month, Monki took a stand to help push gender equality forward. But breaking stigmas, building strong non-profit partnerships and inspiring its sisterhood is not a one-time, once a year effort. Monki’s commitment to the cause is at the forefront of everything they do.


“We believe we have the responsibility to use our global platform for good. To change how women are represented in the industry, to promote self-love and to fast forward gender equality…” Jennie Dahlin-Hansson, Managing Director at Monki


Last month’s campaign was kicked off with a film that empowers women to raise their voices, take up space they rightfully deserve and salute their sisters. It also set the foundation for the women-led activities for the month, as well as highlighted ambassador collaborations with three changemakers leading the way for gender equality. These women are: co-founder of The Speak Up Space India Ysabel, six-time award winning entrepreneur, TEDxSpeaker and LMF Network founder Sonya Barlow and co-founder of The Pink Protest and co-host of The Body Protest Honey Ross. All three changemakers were also featured in the Monki x Polyester  podcast for The Skin You’re In series, where the women dug a little deeper into their chosen topics. 


Meanwhile, the IWD 2021 collection, which echoes the brand’s signature Salute Sisterhood statement, features an oversized blazer adorned with badges and satin statement lining, and sisterhood printed three-piece leggings, cropped top and hoodie set as its key pieces. Additionally, Monki also teamed up with long-term partner, Plan International, to create two exclusive sweaters of which 20% of the proceeds will be donated to support the #GirlsGetEqual cause.


It’s clear that the cause for women’s empowerment is not lost on brands like Monki. The fight continues beyond IWD and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.



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Monki is available in SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia. To know more about the brand, follow them on Instagram.



Art Matthew Fetalver


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