Your Local Funeral Parlor Can Take Your Expired Makeup Out of Your Hands


February 26, 2021
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Put all that expired makeup to good use



I’ve got three boxes of makeup stashed away under my sink. I haven’t mustered up the courage to rummage through them yet, but I know for certain that at least half the products in there are months beyond their expiration date. I know I’m only delaying the inevitable here, but you know that painful clenching feeling you get in your chest when you toss good-but-expired makeup into the bin? Like any human being who spends a handsome chunk of her salary on beauty products, I know it all too well. In fact, I detest it—and I’ll do pretty much anything to put that feeling off for another day. 


Although, according to this tweet, I might not have to go through that pain at all.



It’s an uncanny gateway into the zero-waste life, but it makes sense.


Makeup that might not do so well on the living might be better suited to those who’ve passed on. A little research tells us that many morticians, in fact, use the same brands on their deceased clients as makeup artists do on their living ones. They may very well have that same Maybelline mascara and Mary Kay foundation in their kits. Sometimes, like in this particular case, it’s Chanel. 


It's time to get cleaning! If you've got old makeup that expired through the quarantine, ring up your local funeral parlor and give your cosmetics a second life.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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