Drag Superstar Brigiding Represents the Philippines in International Nivea Campaign

Drag Superstar Brigiding Represents the Philippines in International Nivea Campaign

Ding, ding, ding! In an exclusive, Brigiding tells Wonder about being part of the “Skin Out Loud” campaign shot in South Africa



Divine Divas member and RuPaul’s Drag Race Philippines alumna Brigiding takes the global stage and represents the Philippines in a campaign with Nivea. Skin Out Loud, shot in South Africa, features nine other influential personalities from different parts of the world like Leni Bolt, host of Netflix’s Queer Eye Germany, Zithobe Macheli, a South African skinfluencer, and more. 


The series of videos, available on YouTube, showcases all things skin, from topics like aging, identity, confidence and, with it, the routines that support it all.



We caught up with the drag superstar as she shares about the life-changing campaign and the lessons she’s gotten along the way. 


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Wonder: Can you tell us a bit about how you became part of this global campaign for Nivea? How did you react when they presented this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to you? 

Brigiding: I received an email back in October asking for my rates for an international campaign,  and then I was clueless [as to] what brand or how and where they got the idea to have me as part of this campaign. [After] several meetings, I was asked to apply for my visa as this will be shot in South Africa. 


I never imagined [coming] to South Africa, and to go there for work and vacation, and to represent [the Philippines], was really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At first, I couldn’t believe it, until I got [to] South Africa! That’s when I’m, like, “It’s real and I’m sooo excited!” 


W: What does it feel like to represent the Philippines for a brand as big as Nivea that's admittedly a household name across generations?

B: I’ve been seeing Nivea since I was young, and I never got the chance to really buy it for myself…I was emotional for a time thinking [about] what I did to to deserve the good things that [are] happening to me. But, upon seeing the beauty in everything around me…the beautiful scenery of South Africa, the beautiful people in the campaign, and the amazing energy of the production crew and agency, I’m like…this is it! I just trusted myself and believed that things happen for a reason and [my] being there is destined to happen. I’m just so proud to be part of it. 


W: What was your experience like filming in South Africa with all these different personalities? 

B: Good, good! Everyone’s sweet and nice. We all came from different parts of the world and to be able to work with them was very exciting, a diverse cast. And so [many] stories to learn from and all of them are uniquely beautiful


W: “Skin Out Loud” highlights conversations on aging, identity and confidence. Were there any lightbulb moments and takeaways after the whole process? 

B: Health is wealth, and your skin being your biggest organ…you should be taking care of it as it affects everything that’s going on in your life, literally and figuratively. And [to] always trust the process and believe in yourself! You are always where you have to be, and you have everything so bet on yourself. 


W: How does skin (and beauty) relate to your identity as Brigiding, the individual and the drag superstar? 

B: Drag for me is a [form of] artistic expression. I use all this beauty to express myself, my creativity [and] to communicate emotion, to inspire people. I learned so much doing all of this [in] drag that I got to apply it to my normal self out of drag. My skin is my canvas to being Brigiding, in and out of drag, so it magically connects the art to the artist.  


New episodes of Skin Out Loud drop every Wednesday from April 26th until May 24th. Watch it here



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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 

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