Natural Beauty From Farm to Skin With Farmskin


December 2, 2021
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Introducing Farmskin, an all-natural, eco-friendly skincare brand from Korea



Inspired by nature and enhanced by science, the all-natural, eco-friendly Korean skincare brand, Farmskin, is finally available on Shopee Beauty. Inspiring consumers to adopt a simplistic yet effective approach to skincare, it’s natural beauty from farm to skin. 


Heroing clean beauty, consumers can be assured of gentle, skin-loving and cruelty-free products, derived ethically in all its processes and practices. Where to start? Ahead, Farmskin’s roster of bestselling products to shop. 


Fresh Food Grape Cleansing Foam for Sensitive Skin (P152) and Fresh Food Orange Cleansing Foam for Normal Skin (P143)


Need a cleanser for your day-to-day? Farmskin’s roster of Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam productsavailable in Apple (for oily skin), Grape (for sensitive skin), Pomegranate (for dry skin) and Orange (for normal skin)actively removes dead skin cells and impurities for a refreshing, hydrating clean.


Shop the Fresh Food Grape Cleansing Foam and Fresh Food Orange Cleansing Foam on Shopee.


Super Food Beet Brightening Cleansing Foam (P196)


For a soft and sufficient lather, the Superfood Beet Brightening Cleansing Foam revitalizes dull, lackluster skin. It effectively removes makeup residue, excess oil and dead skin cells. It features a safe, mild formulation, too, that works for all skin types. 


Shop the Super Food Beet Brightening Cleansing Foam on Shopee. 


Moisturizing Aqua Facial Toner (P417)


The Watermelon Sebum-Balancing Toner is enriched with watermelon’s fresh moisture, giving dull and dry skin extra hydration. It’s cool and refreshing, too, made with skin-loving, nature-oriented ingredients, which prevent skin irritation. It’s non-oily, non-sticky and absorbs into skin quickly, giving skin a refreshing finish. 


Shop the Moisturizing Aqua Facial Toner on Shopee. 


Pink Vera Soothing Gel Cream (P476)


Planning any post-quarantine trips or maybe spending the holidays on the beach? The Pink Vera Soothing Cream relieves skin stress, whether for sunburnt or sensitized skin. It provides an instant cooling, moisturizing feeling for heated, irritated or dry areas. 


Shop the Pink Vera Soothing Gel Cream on Shopee. 


Premium Shampoo Massage Brush (P440)


Upgrade your shower game with the Premium Shampoo Massage Brush to help care for the scalp. It promotes healthy blood circulation, eliminates sebum and even removes dead skin cell build-up on the scalp, leaving your head feeling clean and refreshed. It also gives a nice massage and helps clear hair follicles for better, healthier hair growth!


Shop the Premium Shampoo Massage Brush on Shopee.


Super Food for Skin Mix It Clay Mask Cacao (P127)


This hardworking clay mask, made with healthy superfood ingredients, is a meal for the skin. Formulated with 5-fold hyaluronic acid, it brings moisture and nutrition to skin all at once! It’s best for congested skin struggling with excess sebum and waste. 


Shop the Super Food for Skin Mix It Clay Mask Cacao on Shopee. 


Superfood Salad Coconut Mask Set (P479)


Nourish and hydrate skin with the Superfood Salad Coconut Mask Set, which features seven sheet masks, designed to optimize the 1-week mask use on skin. It helps in skin brightening, cell renewal, hydration, gentle exfoliation and even anti-aging, for healthy, glowing skin. 


Shop the Superfood Salad Coconut Mask Set on Shopee. 


Superfood Facial Sheet Mask (P45)


Choose your fighter! The Superfood Facial Sheet Mask features a cream-type essence that moisturizes skin formulated with abundant nutrients for dull and dehydrated skin. Pick from Honey (Illuminating), Avocado (Softening), Blueberry (Strengthening) and Carrot (Pore-Purifying). 


Shop the Superfood Facial Sheet Mask in Honey, Avocado, Blueberry and Carrot on Shopee. 


Puzzle Soap Set (P293)


This ethically made cleanser provides a soft and rich lather, which can be used from head to toe. Customize your soap by collecting four puzzles! The Sensitive Skin Set contains Smoothing Avocado, Soothing Cucumber, Balancing Mangosteen and Energizing Blueberry, for a simple, hydrating cleanse. 


Shop the Puzzle Soap Set on Shopee. 


Hair Mask in Grape and Apple (P207)


Need a DIY product for professional hair care at home? Simply wear the pre-moistened hair cap made with rich, essential vitamins and nutrients like honey and Jojoba Seed Oil to make hair soft, smooth and healthy. 


Shop the Hair Mask in Grape and Apple on Shopee. 


We’ve got our eyes on this eco-friendly, all-natural skincare brand from Korea. And so should you.



Shop Farmskin on Shopee Beauty



Photos Farmskin

Art Macky Arquilla

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