Kim Jones and Kim Kardashian Do Eyewear for Fendi x SKIMS


December 3, 2021
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The FENDI Feel sunglass collection is here



Fendi x SKIMS might have been a surprise collaboration, but there’s no surprise about its success. 


The capsule collection, it’s been reported, made $1M in a single minute when it dropped, confirming that logomania is alive and well—and that everything Kim Kardashian touches turns buzzworthy. In late October, Fendi, under the artistic direction of Kim Jones, announced its partnership with the Kardashian’s solutions-oriented innerwear label. Pieces from the partnership like bodysuits, tights and reversible swim tops, among others, are meant to “unite the luxury of Fendi with the innovation of SKIMS.”




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That marriage of luxury and innovation is just as evident in the Fendi x SKIMS sunglass collection, Fendi Feel. Showcasing a sleek “shape in shape” type of lamination in its construction, the Fendi Feel pieces revisit one classic eyewear silhouette with an added nod to a more fashion-forward aesthetic, all produced by the eyewear expert for LVMH Maisons, Thélios.


“This new and unexpected, joyful yet modern style brings together a cat-eye shape in full [color] on a base of crystal acetate,” shares Fendi in a press release introducing Fendi Feel. “Reflecting the complementary palette of the Fendi x SKIMS collection, bright and neutral tones define the [color] offer of these sunglasses, including caramel with a transparent beach base and light brown lenses, coral with a crystal-clear base and green lenses, and optical white with a transparent sand base and brown lenses.”


The 66N: features a shiny coral front and temples, a crystal clear base, the FENDI logo in gold and solid green lenses.


The 57E: features a shiny caramel front and temples, a transparent peach base, the FENDI logo in gold, and solid light brown lenses.


The 21E: features a shiny optical white front and temples, a transparent sand base, the FENDI logo in gold and solid brown lenses.


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This addition might as well serve as a preview of what’s to come at Fendi x Skims. (Will the collaborators pursue a second drop that expands their lineup? Will they do it soon?) Either way, it’s clear: this is the new vision for the Fendi woman actualized.  



For more information on Fendi x SKIMS in the Philippines, visit the Fendi boutique at Solaire Manila or call +63 02 85718472.



Art Macky Arquilla

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