Here’s How to Get Gabbi Garcia’s #WonderxGabbi Cover Beauty Look

Here’s How to Get Gabbi Garcia’s #WonderxGabbi Cover Beauty Look

Let's hear it from Gabbi's dream team themselves



Is it too late to welcome you to January?


Despite being halfway into the month, we’re still on a high from the dawn of a new year. After all, that’s the magic of January, isn’t it? There’s something about the four weeks of the first month that makes us thirst for the new and novel, that makes us stop in our tracks and question what we can actually do differently this time around. We don’t know about you, but we doubt there’s a better time than this to drag the old into our lives’ proverbial Recycle Bin, start up a new tab and clock in a hard reset.


Where are we starting? Beauty, of course. Feel free to debate with us on this, but makeup could well be the gateway to transformation. A flick of liner and the glow of your cheekbones can define the way you see the world, the color of a lip––bold or dark or natural––proportional to shifts in mood and confidence.


This month, we’re setting our sights on Wonder’s first ever digital cover girl, Gabbi Garcia, and the bold makeup look she sported on our debut cover. When I decided on the beauty direction for the shoot, I hoped to side-step the beauty signatures Gabbi had in place––the upward-sloped cat-eye, the long, stick-straight mane––and give her a new look to work with. In true cover girl fashion, she worked the glitter eye and cascading curled locks like nobody’s business. She’s a superstar.


As fate would have it, her glam team are superstars in their own right, too. Makeup artist Jason Delos Reyes and Mark Rosales, hair stylist and owner of Marqed Salon, make one heck of a tag team. Ahead, Jason and Mark give us a tips, tricks and a detailed play-by-play of how to achieve Gabbi Garcia’s #WonderxGabbi beauty look.


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Makeup: Glitter Eyes

Here's How to Get Gabbi Garcia's #WonderxGabbi Cover Beauty Look For this look, you'll need…


Skin prep:

Face oil

Contour cream
Liquid blush
Peach-toned corrector
Brow Soap
Eyebrow pen
Brown eyeshadow
Gold liquid glitter
High-shine lip gloss


Wonder: How do you prepare Gabbi’s skin for this makeup look?

Jason: First, I prepped Gabbi’s skin with face oil, followed by essence to get the glass skin that is trendy now.


W: Cool! Now that her skin is all prepped, how do we achieve this look?

Jason: I primed Gabbi’s face with radiant primer and a little amount of foundation. I’m not a fan of full coverage foundations and I always want to let her skin peek through when I apply it. Then, I cream contoured and [applied] liquid blush to sustain the radiant effect, used peach correctors under her eyes and applied concealer. Then, I applied powder on the T-zone and the sides of the nose.


For her brows, I used brow soap and filled the gaps with an eyebrow pen. For the fun part: I used brown eyeshadow on her eyelids, then applied liquid gold glitter especially on the center of the lids to make her eyes pop more. Then, I winged her liner a little downward, and put on her lashes. For lips, I only used high gloss rose nude shade.


W: Do you have any tips for making this look last throughout the day?

Jason: You need to find a good glitter glue that works on you. Glitter liners also set when dry, so no need to worry about fallout [if you use those].


W: Do you have any other makeup trends you would recommend beauty aficionados to try out this season?

Jason: I suggest not to be afraid of colors like blue, green, pink or even our Pantone color of the year which is Living Coral. Have fun doing your makeup––but [remember that] it has to be a balance between your eyes, lips, cheeks or even brows. Let your creativity do the rest of the job!


Keep up with Jason (and maybe pick up a few makeup pointers!) by following him on Instagram!


Hair: Braid Press

To achieve this look, you'll need…


Curling iron (thin wand)
Dry Shampoo / Conditioner
Heat protectant
Curling products


Here's How to Get Gabbi Garcia's #WonderxGabbi Cover Beauty Look


Wonder: Hi, Mark! Before we get started, do you have any pre-game steps to prep the hair for a drastic change in ‘do?

Mark: Make sure your hair is clean before you do any hair styling.

  1. I use dry shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt and excess oil and to make sure that there is no hair damage.
  2. It’s a must to use a heat protectant.
  3. Do the blowdrying to add shine.
  4. Spray on curling products.


W: Now that we’ve got our tools ready, let’s get down to business. How did you achieve Gabbi's dynamic #WonderxGabbi cover ‘do?

Mark: Prep the hair by spraying Aveda balancing mist to set the mood. Use dry shampoo and conditioner to remove excess dirt and oil, then spray Color WOW Dream Coat as a heat protectant. Blow dry, then spray Ouia Wave Spray to make sure the curls will last. Grab your crimper and clamp the hair to achieve tight curls. Use two pumps of Elejuda Oil––apply from ends to roots. There are two ways to achieve this look:

  1. Use a crimper: grab a section of the hair and gently clamp using the crimper.
  2. Braid the hair into two sections and press the hair using a flat iron.


W: Do you have any tips for keeping the curls in all day long?

Mark: Hair prep is very important! It's your road map to keep the curls all day. I strongly suggest not to use so much hairspray to maintain natural volume.


W: Could you give tips to the guys and gals who style their hair (especially with heat!) regularly?

Mark: Wash your hair daily. Use sulfate-free shampoo! Yes to products with less chemicals. Make sure to always use heat protectant every time your upstyle your hair––protect and prevent your hair from damage. Look for a tool with adjustable temperature, since all hair types have different texture and thickness which requires different temperatures. Lastly, visit your salon stylist to treat damaged hair.


Check out what Mark is up to by giving him a follow on Instagram and stay updated with his salon's latest services and celebrity clientele by following Marqed Salon.


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Art Alexandra Lara


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