New in (Local) Beauty: Happy Skin x Disney Collection

New in (Local) Beauty: Happy Skin x Disney Collection

Go-getters, adventurers and warriors—the homegrown beauty brand champions a new breed of princesses



Before she was even bequeathed the title, I already considered Mulan to be my very first Disney princess. It’s been a long time coming, Disney! Growing up in the 90s, while other girls had Aurora and Cinderella as their muses, I had her. (No, I am not pitting women against each other.) The Asian warrior—with a self-appointed dragon as a sidekick—refused to stand on the side and watch the people she loves get hurt. She wasn’t a damsel in distress; she didn’t need a guy to “save” her because she could do it herself. This is exactly what Happy Skin thought of when they decided to do their much-awaited second collaboration with global pioneer Disney.



As icons in society that women look up to, the beauty brand found it only proper to celebrate “modern princesses.” Co-founder, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, shares her take on what a modern princess is. “[She is] a go-getter no longer waiting around. She does not need anyone to save her. She’s no longer just passive. The collection celebrates all kinds of beauty. Beauty doesn’t know any age, race, gender or skin color.”


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Shining, Shimmering, Splendid 

The 19-piece collection includes the Moisturizing Matte Lip Click (Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel), Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse (Aurora, Snow White, Elsa, Cinderella), Cooling Lip Gloss (Under the Sea, A Whole New World), Multi-Use Mousse Makeup, Multi-Use Mousse Glow, Perfect Eyes Trio (Mulan) and Express Gel Polish (Sweet Slumber, Glass Slipper, Enchanted Mirror). 


We got our hands on the Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse Duo in Cinderella (a dusty rose)—my new everyday shade—and Snow White (a vivid red). This is their beloved matte formula in new easy-to-use click pens. Infused with Shea Butter, your lips will stay hydrated all day. The colors are stunning although Snow White doesn’t fully cover my already pigmented lips. A tip: Glide on sparingly to avoid feathering.


The plumping Cooling Lip Gloss in Under the Sea (a mauve pink) stays true to its claim. The weightless, glitter-free formula is high-shine with zero stickiness. If you’re on a mission for the most comfortable gloss around, your search is over. Did I mention that it leaves you with a cool, tingling sensation after—what’s not to like?


Your Present-Day Princesses 

A clip from the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, which went viral before its release, shows the groundbreaking scene where all Disney princesses gather in one room. Rapunzel asks “And now for the million dollar question, do people assume all your problems got solved because a big, strong man showed up?” This is followed by a chorus from the ladies, “She is a princess!”


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Happy Skin and Disney handpicked women who stand up for something to represent modern-day princesses. Host Nicole Andersson, as Ariel, spearheaded the event. For Saab Magalona, Aurora, anybody who makes a difference in their community is a princess. She recently set up a memorial fund to honor her late daughter, Luna Isabel, at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center. Beauty queen and actress, Kylie Verzosa, is Belle. She openly shares about her struggles with mental health thus creating Mental Health Matters, her foundation which brings light to the illness. They offer charity events, talks and free psychiatric sessions. Chi Gibbs as Elsa—aside from the obvious big sister role to Gab, she takes pride in her strong leadership skills with her thriving brand Neon Island. Kevin Balot’s portrayal of Rapunzel hits close to home. For a long time, the transgender beauty queen felt like she was trapped. She now considers herself liberated, constantly crafting her own version of happiness. For Laureen Uy, Mulan, she wants to challenge our notions of being a woman. “[Sabi nila] ito lang ang babae. Ito lang ang pwede ko gawin. (They said that as women, this is only what we can do.)” She wants us to break out of that primeval stereotype. She’s sassy and speaks out her mind unapologetically. Singer, Kiana Valenciano, echoes Princess Jasmine’s sentiments: “I am not a prize to be won.”


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These Disney Princesses we've grown to love continue to tug at nostalgia but they're no longer just waiting for things to happen. They're relatable, fearless and make a difference. Covet the limited edition #DisneyxHappySkin collection on Lazada, Zalora, BeautyMNL, and all Happy Skin boutiques.



Photography Elisa Aquino

Art Alexandra Lara


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