Harry Styles’ Style Evolution


December 24, 2020
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This generation’s heartthrob, Harry Styles, is a force to be reckoned with as he challenges societal views through the power of fashion and music



Harry Styles has grown from being just a member of one the world’s biggest music groups to solo artist making a name for himself both in fashion and music history. Much like his songs, the evolution of Harry Styles has gone from preppy boy band member to gender-blurring Gucci-wearing man of style. 


Take a look at Styles’ transformation from his One Direction days to his solo career: 


2013: Harry’s Hipster Phase 

The “hipster cool guy” trend was made popular by the U.K. boy band One Direction. Like most male celebrities rising in fame, Harry started with basic fits decorated with a few accessories here and there. Nothing says hipster like a fedora.



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2015: Boy Band Influence

As the boys of One Direction matured, so did their sense of style. But as a band, the singers needed to coordinate and maintain their image as a whole. The boys kept their gritty but stylish aesthetic while Harry grew out his hair and marked himself with more tattoos. 



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2017: Suits Come to Play

Nearing the end of One Direction, Harry experimented with more looks and eventually went solo once the members called it quits. He went from standard black ties to floral Gucci suits. Styles broke free from boy band tropes and embraced dashing fits.



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2018: Flamboyant Flare

Styles took on Bowie’s chameleon approach to fashion wherein his clothing changed based on his current persona. It’s no surprise that out of all the members of the band, Styles would be chosen as Gucci’s brand ambassador. 



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2018: Blouses Over Shirts 

Styles was one of the few celebrities who favored camp-dressing even before the Met Gala used it as its theme in 2019. As far as stage costumes go, Styles opted to explore beyond prints and colors for his concerts. 



2019: Harry in Full Bloom

Styles’ album FINE LINE showcases his artistry in all forms. His solo debut as a classic-rock singer unapologetically defines him as an individual and creative, and encourages his fans to do the same. With lyrics spanning oral sex and relationships, Styles opens up conversations through his fashion, music videos and lyrics. 



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2020: No Holds Barred 

Vogue’s December issue is all everyone has been talking about. Being the first-ever solo male cover earned him a spot on lists like this: “Pop Culture Moments that Defined 2020.”  



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Styles reinforces the fact that clothes have nothing to do with gender. “There are clothes for men and there are clothes for women, once you remove barriers, obviously you open up the arena in which you can play,” said Harry. 


And honestly, we can’t wait to see his his fashionable future unfold. Needless to say, Styles certainly lives up to his surname. 



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Words Marga Sibug

Art Alexandra Lara 

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