High-Maintenance Hacks For A Low-Maintenance Routine With Restylane

High-Maintenance Hacks For A Low-Maintenance Routine With Restylane

Achieve a low maintenance routine with high maintenance results with Restylane



I don’t consider myself to be a hyper-feminine, kikay girl. In another universe, perhaps I would take up that character—I love seeing people dressed up to the nines with a full face of makeup and a salon-level blowout. But while I don’t fall under that category, I’ve always found comfort in maintaining my appearance. My routine is nowhere near glitzy and glamorous, but having a clean slate helps me show up better each day. It’s as simple as taking a shower every morning, even when I’m working from home because I can’t stand starting the day on the wrong foot. 


Truth be told, there are a lot of factors involved in making yourself look presentable. It boils down to two of your resources: time and money. Some may have the wealth of time but not enough money to invest in personal care products, while others may have a larger budget but not enough time to spare to look prim and polished. Either way, there are always clever solutions to circumvent your predicament. For those who are short on budget, focus on the fundamentals (staying hydrated and getting enough sleep, for starters) and do some research on affordable skincare and beauty products (which are now aplenty, thanks to the growing beauty industry).


For those who are short on time, you can opt to invest in semi-permanent procedures to shorten your daily getting-ready routines. Or as TikTok likes to call it, being “high-maintenance to be low-maintenance.”


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Examples range from opting for services such as laser hair removal, facials, lash extensions or lash lifts, and more. While some solutions' advantages are limited to saving time (i.e. getting lash lifts versus wearing mascara or false lashes every day), other suggestions are long-term health-related preventative measures, where saving time is just an added benefit.


This is where Restylane comes in. From Galderma, the company that brought in the dermatologist-approved Cetaphil brand, Restylane is the pioneer HA filler (Hyaluronic Acid Filler) with gel-based technology that has been developed from understanding the natural role of HA in the body. 


High-Maintenance Hacks For A Low-Maintenance Routine With Restylane


If you’re constantly on the go, you’re probably close friends with fatigue. Whether your eyes are strained from hours at your desk or being low on sleep, fatigue is something that shows up easily and is harder to hide. While we all wish we could get a good night’s sleep (it is the best solution after all), truthfully, we don’t have a choice sometimes. 


A short-term solution is to use concealer and eye creams regularly. Alternatively, a long-term solution that requires less maintenance is the Restylane Bright Eyes Holistic Individualized Treatment (HIT). It’s an HA filler that you can get in aesthetic clinics, and it brings volume and rejuvenation to tired-looking eyes, combating dark shadows, under-eye hollows and a fatigued appearance. The treatment is quick, and the results are immediate and last upwards of six months depending on your skin assessment.


While skincare should be a default part of every routine, the HA filler Restylane can produce more significant results for longer periods because it is injected into the skin, versus skincare that is applied topically and therefore has a lower level of penetration. With that being said, while you shouldn’t be skipping your sunscreen, you can definitely cut down on your makeup and skincare routine. It depends on how you look at it, but you *can* save time and money by having a quicker morning routine and buying fewer products.


High-Maintenance Hacks For A Low-Maintenance Routine With Restylane


While Hyaluronic Acid is a term often mentioned in skincare, it also has other non-aesthetic benefits. HA plays a number of other roles within the body, such as contributing to wound healing, modulation of inflammation and lubrication of joints and muscles. 


Would you try Restylane out? What are your high-maintenance hacks for a low-maintenance routine?



Photos Restylane

Words Gwyneth King

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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