How To Be A Non-Traditional Bride But Still Keep It Classy

How To Be A Non-Traditional Bride But Still Keep It Classy

Let’s not get too outrageous



Sometimes I think about how it would be great to aesthetically live in 1950’s or the 1960’s. Everyone knew how to dress and there were barely any exceptions. Pinays wore gorgeous baro’t sayas and the men were in classic trousers and even threw in a blazer once in a while. The photos from that time always put a smile on my face. But then again, I’m not exactly a skirt-to-the-floor-every-single-day-of-my-life kind of girl.


So, really, thank God we can change things up now—wedding days included!


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Say yes to your dress

The dress is probably one of the biggest things that go into a wedding. Please do not lie and say you never thought of your look going down the aisle (ring or no ring), because you have. But if you’re not comfortable with the princess cuts, lace veils and long trains, fret not; there is a lot of inspiration to take from.


Solange Knowles cares zero percent what anyone thinks of her and carried a cape behind her on her wedding day. She said goodbye to that arguably more boring train and did what she does best: Turn heads. Then again, you can also take a page out of Olivia Palermo’s book if you’d like to look a bit sweeter. She rocked a clean sweater paired with a tulle skirt and looked modern, chic and simple.


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Of course, if you are feeling the big skirt and lace detail, then by all means go for it. Maybe you can just go for some off-white or colored detail instead ew.



If you’re the type of girl that grew up rebelling but still hated being caught, off-the-beaten-path shoes will give you that same subtle thrill. Kick the classic white pumps to the curve and go for color, embellishment, tassels and—God forbid—flats.


Seriously though, consider changing to sneakers or sandals for your reception. It’ll help with the pain and the stumbling so you can focus on having a good time.


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For brides of the Philippines, churches are always the go-to ceremony area. But for those of us that don’t feel like “Hey, join us for a church wedding” is something that would ever come out of our mouths, there are options available. And while there are more and more beach and garden weddings flooding our Instagram feeds, why not walk the path that’s even more overgrown?


Consider getting married in your family home, a restaurant that means a lot to you as couple, a decked-out movie theater or the rooftop of one of Manila’s highest (and chicest) buildings. Of, if you and Mr. Husband-to-be do want that religious space, you can always opt for a little chapel that you know our country is littered with. I mean, do you really want to walk the awkward two minutes to your groom? (Well, okay, I don’t).


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Choosing people to share your wedding day with can get really stressful—especially when you don’t really have someone to fit the role. If you’re a girl that’s always been one of the boys, don’t hide that fact for some evenly gendered photos.


Remember: Your entourage does not have to be strictly filled with women. Your maid of honor can be a dude and your flower girl can be a sweet little nephew or cousin. It’s all about the people that are closest to you being part of your big day and supporting you. Just as this wonderful grown man who volunteered to be the flower girl at his cousin’s wedding.



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Overall Theme

Cream, flowers, drapery and formality are well and good, but it just doesn’t suit everybody. Couples who are passionate about a common thing can attest to his strongly. That’s why so many modern couples are opting for themes that are a little less classic and way more outgoing. Besides, if you share such a love for one thing, why not celebrate that too?


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When it comes down to it, your wedding should be your own, not what someone that wrote a book once said. It’s your and your fiancé’s day—make it so.



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