Dermatologists Weigh In: These Are the Facials You Should Be Getting

Dermatologists Weigh In: These Are the Facials You Should Be Getting

A guide to some of the best, most in-demand facials and where to get 'em



For someone who writes about beauty for a living, I'm awfully terrified of writing about—no, worse—getting facials. Outside the bounds of work and clinic reviews, I can easily count the number of times I've dropped money on facial treatments with one hand. Hear me out: this apprehension doesn't come from the fear of losing cash. In fact, the products in the cart I checked out last night are testament to the fact that I absolutely will scrounge up the funds as long as the reward of good skin is dangled before me. If anything, facials and beauty procedures are simply overwhelming to think about.


There are so many clinics in the metro, and in each of them, a full assortment of treatments that all promise clearer skin and tinier pores and occasionally, a slimmer face. So with one face, pockets of free time and an abundance of options, where does one even begin?


In search of answers, we at Wonder reached out to some of our favorite, most trusted dermatology and skin treatment clinics to ask the big question: what is the best facial in the metro? Why is it in-demand, and will it really, truly, honestly give us our best skin yet?


Scroll through for the specifics!


Madonna Glow by Oxylight, Glow Skin Clinic

Karen Mabilin-Prieto over at Glow Skin Clinic highlights the importance of assessing one’s skin type—preferably with the help of a professional—before kick-starting the process. “The skin type of each individual varies,” stresses Karen. “It is recommended to seek first the advice of a Board-certified Dermatologist on which facial treatment suits the patient’s skin type and would best address his or her skin concerns.” 


Glow Skin Clinic’s list of services, flush with options and loaded with as many puns as in-depth descriptions, is a lot to take in at first sight. There are plenty of targeted treatments, but for those who find themselves looking for a good starting point, Karen recommends the Madonna Glow by Oxylight.



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A six-in-one-treatment, the Madonna Glow by Oxylight is a non-invasive facial and one hell of a multitasker. This two-hour facial gently cleanses and exfoliates while hydrating and stimulating cell renewal, leaving improved texture and shrunken pores in its wake. 


What happens during the treatment?

The facial kicks off with diamond dermabrasion, a step that uses a diamond-coated suction tip to remove dead skin cells, followed by lymphatic cleansing. A pressurized spray then delivers a burst of oxygen and hydration before the Biosonix Sapphire-3 ultrasound kicks in to ensure serums are properly infused into the skin. 


Then comes the electricity. A tingly, low-level current travels through the skin to tone, tighten and deliver a good ol’ kick of youthfulness. The skin is then subjected to oxygen and a colorful combination of LED lights: blue for antibacterial benefits, red to counter inflammation and yellow and green for elasticity and anti-aging. Karen explains, “Exposure to oxygen and medical light therapy provides beneficial effects by sanitizing the skin, speeding-up wound healing and boosting collagen production to improve fine lines and wrinkles.” As the final cherry on top, a protective layer of moisturizer and sunscreen is applied to the skin to lock all that goodness in.


How to prolong results?

According to Karen, the optimal frequency to get facials done is every four to six weeks. This is how long it takes normal functioning skin to regenerate, so a facial every month or so should be good enough to catch up with your skin. However, at-home practices and facial aftercare are just as important as facials themselves.


When it comes to maintaining the results of the Madonna Glow, Karen recommends steering clear of skincare and makeup products for one to three days and swapping out anything with whitening or exfoliating properties for at least one week. Once you do get back on your routine, ensure that you stick to gentle skincare products. Opt for sunscreen with an SPF level of 30 and up—and commit to reapplying every two hours. 


How much does it cost?

The Madonna Glow by Oxylight costs P8,000 for a solo treatment. A package of five sessions costs P32,500.


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Glow Skin Clinic is located at 2/F Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City. Check out the rest of their treatments via their official website or Instagram or book an appointment by calling (917) 888-GLOW. 


Korean Signature Facial, O2 Skin Lab

When I first tried the Korean Facial Therapy, otherwise known as O2 Skin Lab's Korean Signature Facial, I couldn't help but sing praises. Despite being an avid K-beauty fan, I've never been one to gravitate towards the full-blown ten-step routine—except when I got this ten-step facial done and saw immediate results. Dr. Cherry Ann Co, O2 Skin Lab's Doctor of Dermatology, describes the facial best. “[It's] a therapeutic treatment we have formulated to deeply cleanse, rejuvenate, lift and hydrate,” she explains. Lasting 110 minutes and inclusive of a face and body massage, the treatment is as rewarding for the mind and soul as it is for the skin.


What happens during the treatment?

With ten steps in less than two hours, the Korean Signature Facial is exactly as thorough as you'd expect. The process kicks off like most our skincare routines do: with a double-cleanse. Thereafter, dead skin is sloughed off with a metal-ended scrubber tool. The pores are then opened up with a vibrating ultrasound probe and pesky comedones are poked, pricked and drained of their dirty little secrets.



This treatment is particularly big on Vitamin C. After a 15-minute enzyme-rich pumpkin mask, the skin is subjected to an antioxidant-rich Vitamin C infusion and a cold Vitamin C mask—all of which will be soaked up by up to 70% more than usual, thanks to O2 Skin Lab's meticulous process. In case you're curious, here's a full plunge into all ten steps involved in the treatment!


How to prolong results?

You can expect to walk out the clinic's doors with plump, ultra-hydrated skin (I can attest to this; I'd never looked closer to a glazed doughnut in my life!), everything that happens post-facial is simply a mission to make the most of the results. According to Dr. Cherry, one sure-fire way to prolong that post-facial glow is to regularly use a good moisturizer. Ceramide, an all-star at retaining skin moisture, is an ingredient you could consider working into your routine.


How much does it cost?

O2 Skin Lab’s Korean Signature Facial is available at the introductory price of P2,800.


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O2 Skin Lab is located at Unit 1218, High Street South Corporate Plaza Tower 1, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Book an appointment via (917) 182 2727 or (2) 757 7540.



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