All Clawed Up: These Nail Trends Will Dominate 2023

All Clawed Up: These Nail Trends Will Dominate 2023

Try these designs for your next manicure sesh



Whether you’re a full-fledged DIY expert when it comes to your appendages, a sucker for custom press-ons or you love setting aside time to see your favorite nail technician, it’s no secret that a good manicure can lift spirits. In 2022, we witnessed the popularity of chrome nails and bedazzled claws inspired by Euphoria. We hopped in on trying intricate nail art, with some of us even getting used to nail extensions that would make Cardi B proud. But for nail trends in 2023, it seems like we’ll be going back to the basics. Of course, this isn’t the end for zany nail art—it’s just another invitation to get creative.


Barely-there polish


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It looks like the Clean Girl Aesthetic™ won’t go anywhere. This means it will also bleed over with how we do our manicures. Titles like Marie Claire and Vogue UK point to barely-there polish becoming one of the big nail trends this 2023. Consider choosing MNBB (my nails but better) shades, such as sheer baby pinks or milky whites. All these hide imperfections while keeping the nail looking clean and natural.


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Glossy, jelly candy


Another trend from last year that will pour into 2023: South Korean jelly nails. The K-beauty world fell in love with sheer-colored nail polish, especially those that explore a myriad of funky colors and vibrant hues. Unistella applies hot pink jelly nail polish to achieve the finish, topping it off with vibrant red star stickers to give it that pop! For extra drama, consider adding glitter or embellishments for a detailed look.


Lowkey but chrome-tastic


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Hailey Bieber ushered in the elevated frosted mani, fondly called “glazed donut nails.” For 2023, this trend will stay with a more pared-back version. This version of chrome nails doesn’t scream, “I shine! Look at me!” Just look at Amy Le’s creation, where she tops the natural MNBB shade with a subtle chrome finish. This trend perfectly completes the all-clean aesthetic while adding some extra flair when it catches in the light. Not too loud but still extremely fancy, best for those who want to keep manis understated.


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Elevated French tip


If there’s one thing that people feared during the Y2K resurgence, it would be the return of blocky French tips. Sorry to burst their bubbles, but this nail trend never disappeared. Instead, it took an elevated turn through the years. And in 2023, the nail trend will be a lot more popular. Unistella combines a mauve shade and a sheer salmon pink to achieve the gradient French tip. But it can also manifest in the micro-French manicure as seen in Amy Le drawing thin white tips and accenting them with graphic designs. All this elevated French tip requires are your and your manicurist’s imaginations, so just have fun with it!


Seasonal, bold-colored manicures


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If you like keeping it simple but eye-catching, solid and bold-colored manicures might be the 2023 nail trend for you. Marie Claire points out that one-color manicures are overtaking funky nail art this year, so it’s appropriate to adhere to seasonal colors. This January, one can never go wrong with painting their nails the color of the year: Viva Magenta. For summer, a vibrant burnt orange shade would work best. Meanwhile, moody, broody colors like chocolate brown or forest green are the way to go when fall comes around.


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Which of these nail trends will you be trying out first? Sound off in the comments below!



Banner Photo Julia Diogo (@paintedbyjools) and Amy Le (@amyle.nails)

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