10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

Restore your tresses and still look polished during the sometimes-awkward in-betweens of hair washing



Cleanliness and health have long been associated with one another, which makes it easy to assume that washing your hair everyday equals keeping it healthy. But hair care isn’t a once-size-fits-all scenario. For most, the mechanical routine of shampooing daily can even do more harm than good.


On the to-wash-or-not-to-wash debate, one of the first points raised almost without fail is that shampooing removes the scalp’s natural oils. This is where celebrity trichologist AKA “the hair doctor” Philip Kingsley chimes in, saying this doesn’t necessarily mean going weeks without shampoo for the sake of preserving these oils. “Think of washing your hair as a skincare regime. After all your scalp is just skin,” he tells Business Insider. “It has oil and sweat glands, and with all of the secretions being produced, added to pollution, you don’t want it sitting on there for days.”


Those experiencing hair fall however, certainly shouldn’t use shampoo every day. “Shampooing can be really upsetting for people suffering from hair thinning,” shares Kingsley. “When you massage shampoo into your hair, all of the hairs that were ready to fall come out at once instead of gradually.” The same can be said for people whose tresses are extremely dry or overworked. Heat styling and frequent treatments like hair bleaching and coloring all fall under this category.


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Much like the fundamental rule in skincare (listen to your own skin before building some kind of routine), you have to listen to your hair first. Identify your hair type, see how it reacts to different weather conditions and consider your physical environment. For Pinoys, for instance, the combination of humidity, excess oil built up throughout the day and sweat in no way should be left sitting in. No longer than a week without shampoo may be the sound decision.


That being said, there is a lot to gain from skipping a day, two or even three days of shampoo use if you’re looking to give your hair some serious recovery time. Healthier, softer and more manageable hair awaits at the end of that shampoo-free tunnel. Til then, some things to make the in-between of hair washing days a breeze to get through.


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Dry shampoo for a water-free reset.

Dry shampoo is precisely what it sounds like: a no-water-needed version of mainstream shampoo. Formulated to absorb oil and deodorize hair, you get the same hair cleansing action minus the suds and, more importantly, minus the damage. Dry shampoo cleans without stripping off natural oils or weakening the hair’s protective barrier, which makes it great for anyone on the “no ‘poo” mission. The daunting attempt at the first three days without hair washing is a dead cinch with this.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

BATISTE Dry Shampoo in Cherry, P750



Conditioner for your next rinse.

While your hair gets the recovery and recuperation it needs, don’t forget to bring on the reinforcements—namely, hair conditioner. Turning the attention to conditioner-washing (in other gimmickier terms: co-washing) rather than merely skipping shampoo has turned out to be an eye-opening experience for some. They found that this routine change gave them shinier, smoother and bouncier locks.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

CREAM SILK Standout Straight Conditioner, P109


A day-two kind of hairstyle: try the center part and slick straight hair.

Comb some repairing serum into your hair after your next rinse and let it air dry. This is a simple, low-maintenance way to prep your hair for more elaborate styling later on; if not, you can leave your smooth, frizz-free hair as is.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

MY AMAZING HAIR SECRETS Multi-Use Fortifying Serum, P1,843

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

Backstage at Versace Fall 2018. Photo IMAXtree


Hair freshener perfect for quick touchups.

This lightly-scented spray is perfect for the first couple of no-shampoo days. A precursor to the dry shampoo, if you will. What’s great about it is its lightweight, easy-on-the-mane formula that gives the hair an energizing boost while eliminating odor.

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

VITRESS Hair Freshener, P59


Hair oil for your tips.

Much like serums, oils work to restore moisture that gets stripped away as hair gets exposed to the elements throughout the day. Additionally, they’re potent enough to lock in moisture. Now, if the thought of adding oil to already oily hair makes you cringe, don’t fret: this product is only meant to be applied halfway through your hair and then down to the tips, which are the oldest, driest and most damaged part of the hair strands.

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

OUAI Hair Oil, P1,618



Loose powder to soak up the grease at the roots.

Here’s a beauty hack for you: you can use the translucent mattifying face powder in your makeup bag on your hair, too. With a disposable brush or sponge, tap off any excess and apply about an inch away from your roots to soak up oil build up. Work it into your hair, give it time to set and then brush your hair out.

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Powder, P375


A day-three kind of hairstyle: move your hair part around and get creative with bobby pins.

As the hair’s natural oils begin to accumulate, expect to see flatter, greasier roots (all part of the “no ‘poo” mission, don’t worry). This is where getting creative with hairstyling comes in. Keep your hair neatly tied in a chic chignon or low ponytail and secure piecey strands with a bobby pin.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

Michael Kors Fall 2012. Photo Pucci /

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

GOODY Small Bobby Pins in Metallic Blonde, P2,924


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The hairbrush to move your natural hair oils along.

Skip the shampoo, but make sure not to skip hair brushing. No-shampoo days, in particular, call for a lot of it. Using a paddle or boar bristle hairbrush, work your way from root to tip to distribute the oil that has accumulated at the scalp. This is also a great no-shampoo day habit as it stimulates the scalp and encourages blood flow.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler Professional Detangling Hairbrush in “Pink Sizzle,” P1,110


A day-four kind of hairstyle: a low ponytail with a deep side-part.

You can let those greasy roots work in your favor when you sport a sleek, low ponytail with a deep side-part. While this hairstyle puts an emphasis on the natural sheen that your lived-in hair now has, it does so without making you look sloppy or unpolished. If anything, it mimics hair gloss or finishing product especially when styled with a fine-tooth comb.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

Beauty at Proenza Schouler Fall 2016. Photo: IMAXtree

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

ACCA KAPPA Carbonium Combs, P600



A day-five kind of hairstyle: the messy topknot.

With oil, dirt and residue sitting in, at this point, it becomes a matter of keeping your hair away from the face at all costs (the last thing you want is a breakout from your new beauty endeavor). Brush out your roots and bring your hair up into a neat high ponytail. Give it a good twist and secure with an elastic or twist-ups. Out of sight, out of mind till the next shampoo session.


10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

CONAIR 3Pk Twist Up Kit, P429.75

10 Things to Get You Through No-Shampoo Days

Chanel Fall 2018. Photo: Marcus Tondo /



Who says no-shampoo days have to be awkward hair days anyway?



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