Test Drive Diaries: Oxecure Acne Clear Facial Cleanser

Test Drive Diaries: Oxecure Acne Clear Facial Cleanser

In our search for our next skincare staple, we try the Oxecure Acne Clear Facial Cleanser



As a teenager, I always envied my mother’s skin. A chunk of my adolescence was spent lamenting the bumps on my forehead; they stubbornly persisted despite all attempts to “erase” them from my face. I had monthly facials, drank supplements, abstained from dairy and tried a bunch of skincare products in hopes of bringing back my pre-puberty, baby-soft skin.


High school, and the hormones that come with this stage of life, made me no stranger to acne-dotted faces; we were all going through it anyway. But I was an envious teenager—for some reason, my closest friends seemed to evade the dreaded curse of pubescence. Their version of a “breakout” was a bump or two on their cheek, which was something someone with acne-prone skin could only dream about.


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Nagmana ka sa tatay mo (You inherited that from your father),” my mom would say. When my parents were my age, she was the teenager with clear skin, while my dad was, well, someone like me. I had inherited my father’s features, his temper and, apparently, his skin type.


I entered college and, during its onset, my skin started to improve. Little did I know that the biggest culprits of my bumpy skin were (gasp) stress and my poor sleeping schedule. Freshman year, with its late morning schedules and light requirements, was a huge transition for me as someone who was used to constant stress and sleep deprivation.


My relationship with my skin has been a bumpy road (pun intended). My skin’s improvement reassured me, and eased my constant stress over my acne. I had my share of clear skin and not-so clear skin days, which almost led me to try Accutane, which I thankfully didn’t.



Though my skin at the moment isn’t comparable to my stress-free, well-rested, freshman-state skin, it isn’t too far off. I have my “breakout days” whenever PMS creeps in. I have a full stash of pimple patches whenever I need it, which, fortunately, is not often; I still get my monthly facials. I guess a part of my skin journey is knowing that there isn’t a once-and-for-all solution for my woes, but rather adjusting my skin’s needs in its different seasons.



Skincare, and along with it, self-care, is about maintenance and routine instead of relying on one single product to ✨change your life ✨


With that being said, my skin needs constant care even though it’s not in a disastrous state. If there’s anything I got from my acne-studded adolescence, it’s my love for skincare. I’m a sucker for trying all the popular and new releases, but I’m still in the process of building a reliable repertoire.


Oxecure’s Acne Clear Facial Cleanser

Enter: Oxecure’s new Acne Clear Facial Cleanser. As someone with oily and slightly acne-prone skin, it has the powerhouse ingredient we’re ever-so familiar with: salicylic acid. The product also has complementary extracts—Oat, Calendula Synerplex and Kakadu Plum—to supplement the skin with necessary hydration.



I’ve had my fair share of cleansers, and majority of them were as aggressive as my desire to erase the blemishes from my face. Through OG skincare content creators like Liah Yoo, I learned that being gentle and protecting the skin barrier is a better way to deal with acne.



The Oxecure Acne Clear Facial Cleanser is potent enough to cleanse my oily skin, but gentle enough that it didn’t dry out my face. It’s a perfect cleanser for days when my skin gets too grimy and oily!


The Oxecure Acne Clear Facial Cleanser allowed me to address my acne-related skin concerns while cleansing my face, as its formulation contains 1.5% Salicylic Acid. (PSA: According to Oxecure, a 0.5 to 2% concentration is still safe for daily use of Salicylic Acid!) With its price point at P419 for 120ml and P199 for 50ml, it’s definitely a lot more budget-friendly than popular cleansers from the drugstore.


After using the cleanser for two weeks, I came to the conclusion that the product fits my oily to acne-prone skin needs; it fits my need for convenience; and it fits my budget as a student. Overall, using it was an enjoyable experience! I can definitely see myself adding this product to my skincare routine, especially on days when my skin’s sweaty from a workout, oily from spending the day out and about, or is bumpy because of stress and PMS.



What are your holy grail skincare products? Leave them in the comments below so we can review them next!



The Oxecure Acne Clear Facial Cleanser (P199, 50ml; P419, 120ml) is available on Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMNL,, and leading drugstores and supermarkets.


Follow Oxecure Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.



Words Gwyneth King

Photos Oxecure Philippines

Art Pis Trinidad


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