The Rise of Queer Fashion: Celebrities Who Embraced Fluid Fashion this 2023

The Rise of Queer Fashion: Celebrities Who Embraced Fluid Fashion this 2023

We’re putting a spotlight on Bretman Rock, Billy Porter and other icons who have paved the way for fluid fashion



As more and more people's approach to fashion continues to be challenged and break stereotypes, it’s refreshing to see standout styles circulate online. One of our favorite fashion trends that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon is fluid fashion. We’re talking queer, androgynous looks that go beyond the limitations that society has dictated over fashion for centuries. For many, this means embracing clothing that inspires individual self-expression on one’s own terms. 


We’re all about non-definitive clothing—whether it be obliterating the idea of “pants on men, skirts on women” or taking the idea of unisex clothing to a whole new level. Fluid fashion keeps on evolving as it redefines norms and culture as we know it. For some, it might be perceived as “social suicide,” an invitation for a lot of *bombastic side eyes* from onlookers, but take it from these celebrities who stride in pride as they tear down notions of gendered fashion and explore brand new ways of expressing themselves however they want. 


If you’re looking for a sign to try out something new for your wardrobe, this is it!


Conan Gray


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Conan Gray on the cover of Spur Magazine Tokyo this June screams androgyny supremacy! Shaking things up with a whole lot of flower power mixed with feminine silhouettes, his looks make a statement that’s impossible to miss. Conan teaches us a valuable lesson in queer fashion—never shy away from bold fashion choices.


Bretman Rock


Bretman Rock makes no excuses as he pulls up in statement gender-fluid fashion anytime and anywhere! Both on and off-set, he never lets his style choices near the realm of basic. Take his Pinto Art museum date with our very own President Nadine as an example. With an all-beige look, he rocks (pun intended) a killer mesh top and chunky platform heels to signify his ever-present glamorous style.


Letitia Wright

A classic suit is a perfect way to do androgynous fashion. Marvel star Letitia Wright kicks the ball straight out of the park with this sharp, bedazzled blazer number by Prada. Known for some of the best suited looks on the red carpet, it’s about time we take notes and get some inspiration from her signature look.




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Queen Beyoncé knows a thing or two about rocking a blazered outfit. Juxtaposing feminine heels with a boxy-cut blazer on top of a cropped vest and shorts to match, she makes a statement for gender-fluid fashion while dropping a subtle clap back on speculations about her foot surgery. Let’s face it, Beyoncé is a force to be reckoned with and a fashion icon who slays every outfit she’s in (whether it be androgynous or not). 


Miley Cyrus


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Who said that only men can expose their chest and rock it? As Miley continues to celebrate the success of her song, Flowers, which highlights the power of being a strong independent woman, she shines bright with her daring outfit choices. This deep U-neck cut dress stands as a testament to the powerful woman she has become and how unafraid she is of dressing in non-conforming fashion—an iconic outfit for an iconic woman.




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As we’re on the topic of never shying away from showing off some skin, Zendaya is here to make a statement. In this striking animal-print coordinate with matching knee-high boots, she balances out the perfect mix of sharp and feisty with sexy and feminine. She also pairs the cropped blazer with a classic black bikini top, which is exactly what androgyny is about! 


Billie Eilish


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Another element of gender-fluid fashion is mastering the baggy outfit—and we all know that Billie Eilish does this best! As she never shies away from experimenting with color combinations, different layering methods and accessories, she’s the perfect style icon for this category of androgynous wear.


Billy Porter


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Iconic in all his ways, Billy Porter is a beacon of hope for queer fashion representation! Especially in his ongoing Black Mona Lisa Tour, Billy works hand-in-hand with designer Octavio Aguilar, who was on Project Runway Season 19, to create some of the most jaw-dropping pieces that allow him to shine on stage as the true fashion icon that he is. We’re talking about incredibly beautiful silhouettes, patterns, fabrics and a whole lot of shiny eye makeup! 


Harry Styles


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Speaking of tours, Harry Styles himself hasn’t shied away from statement queer-themed looks—especially while on his Love On Tour journey. Fans always look forward to his outstanding outfit choices that range from colorful combos to stylish sequin looks that elevate his stage presence to a whole new level. As he inspires his fans to wear whatever they feel most confident in, his style has served as a movement towards self-expression in fashion that has become a culture of its own.



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Jaden Smith


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With the recent collection drop of MSFTSrep, Jaden Smith’s co-founded clothing line alongside his sibling Willow Smith, plus Moises and Mateo Arias, we’re reminded of the powerful style choices that Jaden has continuously been making in his journey with gender-fluid fashion. Whether it be playing with colors or breaking the mold of stereotypical clothing silhouettes, he pushes past the norm and continues to prove that queer fashion deserves a place in society. 


If there’s anything these celebrities can teach us about gender-fluid fashion, it's that we shouldn't be afraid to make bold decisions when it comes to exploring our personal style. So try on that ultra-feminine silhouette or the boxiest blazer as long as you feel absolutely confident in it. At the end of the day, that’s what fashion is all about!



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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