How To Wear Summer’s Hottest Accessories From Ray Ban

How To Wear Summer’s Hottest Accessories From Ray Ban

Ray Ban is always a good idea, but summer pretty much requires it



With March comes many things: the start of women’s month, the end of the year’s first quarter and the heat of summer. Yes, we know; the sun’s starting to beat down and the sweat we all try to ignore is building up in areas we refuse to publicly show. But hey, we can’t control the weather. So if you can’t beat it, embrace it—and look good doing it with Ray Ban.


Wear Ray Ban As Summer’s Hottest Accessories


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But if you’re one of the many that still has difficulty styling sunnies, don’t worry. Below, we list down some simple (and fool-proof) tips and tricks.


#1: Size your face

First things first: The right pair of sunnies needs to be the right size for you. A lot of people opt for the “frame your face” schtick, but it’s less about that and more about the sizing. For most brands of sunglasses, each design shape comes in different sizes because they understand that sunnies are not a “one size fits all” equation. 


This tip definitely applies stylistically, but it’s also quite practical. No one wants to keep pulling their sunglasses up their nose. 


#2: Keep it simple

When you’ve finally landed on a pair and you want it to be the hero of your outfit (a good choice), keep all other things simple. The jewelry, the earrings, the makeup, the actual outfit that you’re wearing—keep them neutral and easy on the eyes. Keep the focus on your eyewear.


Ray Ban

Ray-Ban Round Metal, P7,920

Ray Ban

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic, P7,920


#3: Wear your Ray Ban sunnies *but not really*

Sunglasses are an accessory that are made for the outside. With Ray Ban in particular, each pair is made to protect your eyes, after all. But while we all understand this, don’t forget that a pair of sunnies can easily become a transformative accessory, too. 


When not wearing them, hook them up to your collar, your bag, your pocket, and still make a statement. Keep the protective case at home for when you’re socially hibernating. 


#4: Change it up

We all have our favorites, and we all play favorites. A top that’s comfortable and easy to style, a pair of sneakers that goes with literally everything—we get it. But we all need to change it up once in a while, don’t we?


Thank god there are options upon options to choose from.


How To Wear Summer's Hottest Accessories From Ray Ban

Ray-Ban Aviator Large, P7,920

How To Wear Summer's Hottest Accessories From Ray Ban

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Polarized, P10,400


#5: Invest

Alas, we are no longer children, and this means we (mostly) know the value of our money. Sure, we can’t help but pick up a fun pair of sunnies from a checkout counter once in a while, but when it comes to eyewear, it’s always best to invest in a pair that will stay with you for the long run. And with Ray Ban, you know the frame will stand the test of time—and keep your eyes protected throughout the years, too. 



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Summer is coming and places are opening up, so let’s prepare (and style) accordingly.


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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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