SKINNI Kicking Negative Comments Campaign In Time For (Dreaded) Family Reunions

SKINNI Kicking Negative Comments Campaign In Time For (Dreaded) Family Reunions

Beware. The unsolicited negative comments are coming



Less than ten days until Christmas means that family reunion and barkada get-together plans are firming up fast. And while we love these people that do mean the world to us, sometimes seeing them means being on the receiving end of some off-handed negative comments that the holidays can (and should) go without.


No one needs to hear they’ve gained weight as they’re excitedly filling their plates with food. No one needs to be asked why they didn’t bring a plus one. No one needs to hear they shouldn’t prioritize work when they’re flourishing and thriving in their industries. And no one needs to be told to smile more—creepy cat callers request that.


So this year, we’re completely behind SKINNI as they remind us all about what’s really important this holiday season.



SKINNI Swim’s Black Rise comes in the same Starter cut that women all over the country have fallen in love with, this time in classic and never-gets-old black.


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At its core, the brand has always been about women for women. So it’s founder Meryll Yan has put together a tribe of women for this campaign—each one with her own story, her fair share of hearing unsolicited comments and one major message to send out: beauty, strength, bravery, goodness and power come innately and shouldn’t be darkened by poorly strung-together words.


My friends and I will admit any time of the day that comments like these still hurt, no matter how many times we’ve ignored them or answered back with a sarcastic remark. “When you're a female,” says Meryll, “[these moments do] things to your head.” In truth, I’ve seen some of the strongest and most loving women I know get beaten down by a “Uy, tumaba ka!” or “Bakit single ka pa??” or ”Ang haggard mo!”


But like those moments we reach for our phone and text out a quick SOS, in those moments we need a little pick-me-up, the SKINNI Tribe is doing the same. They’re saying we aren’t alone—far from it—and there’s a voice to use that’s stronger than the words of that tita you see once a year.



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So remember where you are and who you are. Remember passing comments should be just that: passing. Keep in mind that everyone else’s questions shouldn’t chip at the woman you’ve formed yourself to be. Beautiful. Strong. Brave. Good. Powerful.


Look, Meryll is humble enough to admit that this campaign isn’t going to change the world—but we’re not looking for that right now. We know too well that the world won’t be changed by a set of photos, no matter how beautiful and strong they are. Besides, it’s the holidays and we’re just looking for someone to lean on and a few kind words that confirm we’re okay as we are. As Meryll puts it, we’re only looking to flip the script one page at a time.



Photography Jerick Sanchez

Graphics Ramon del Prado

Shoot Producer Jullian Culas

Hair JOF Fantone of Color Bar

Makeup Elaine Silva, Rochelle Lacuna and Angeline dela Cruz

All represented by New Monarq Creativx

Location Creativx Studio

Art Alexandra Lara

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