Can We Please Talk About the New Muses of SM Woman?

Can We Please Talk About the New Muses of SM Woman?

The retail giant gets representation right on Women’s Month



“Fashion for every woman:” catchy, ideal and makes it so darn easy to promise inclusion. But all too often we find the token plus-size model here or the one-off morena there. In campaigns and fashion shows, billboards and posters, in a sea of size-zero Caucasian babes, the few do little to change a system that still affirms skinniness and Eurocentric beauty as the standard.


What good is the punchy tagline unless brands who use it take it to heart? In this day and age, especially, “fashion for every woman” without the nitty-gritty of things just won’t fly anymore.


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In the case of SM Woman, a subbrand of local retail giant SM, its annual Women’s Month event meant confronting this calling––arms wide open––and celebrating the growing voice of empowered women they cater to. And by women, they did mean every woman. The brand’s new muses for the summer are living proof of it.



Joey Mead King, @joeymeadking
Model & Host



Angie Mead King, @angiemeadking
Businesswoman & Car Enthusiast


Ina Guerrero, @inadominicaa


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Bituin Escalante, @bituinea


Shaira Luna, @shairaluna


Kat Gumabao, @katgumabao_


Sara Black, @photosarablack
Beauty and Advertising Photographer



All ages, all sizes, all kinds of looks: SM Woman’s getting real about repping every type of woman this season. If you want to get in on it, too, the brand’s summer collection is now available in all The SM Store branches nationwide.


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