Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade

Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade

SPARKLE lands in the Philippines to remind us oral care is even more important than skincare



Scroll through your Instagram feed, your YouTube recommendations or even this very website and you’ll find proof of the world’s obsession with beauty. Whether through YouTube tutorials, editorial pieces or even just good ol’ word of mouth, we’ve all learned to foster our own skincare and makeup routines one way or another. 


It’s hard to pinpoint when this collective consciousness about beauty was kindled, but one thing’s for certain: it’s only picked up steam since. Case in point, a report by Allied Market Research predicts that the global cosmetics market will be worth 463.5 billion US dollars by 2027. The figures and fixation surrounding skincare and makeup are huge, but aren’t exactly surprising. 


But can we say the same about oral care?


We do our skincare twice a day. We brush our teeth at least twice, and damn near ingest toothpaste and mouthwash as we rub it against our teeth and swoosh it around our mouths. So why don’t we care about oral care as much as we do skincare?


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SPARKLE is here to change the game. Their objective is simple: to make oral care just as fun as other forms of beauty.


Forget bleeding gums, stinging formulas and harsh ingredients. Urging us to unlearn the oral care practices of yore, SPARKLE spotlights three simple steps in their very own beauty routine. 



Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade


Flossing has never, ever equated to fun. I, for one, have always just considered it one of those necessary evils I succumbed to in the name of wellness. In the past year, I’ll admit that I’ve skipped this step more than I’ve done it, what with my sensitive gums and their propensity to bleed.


SPARKLE, however, argues that this step is non-negotiable. Floss dislodges bacteria, food particles and plaque in the nooks and crannies between your teeth and gums, scouting the areas not even slim toothbrush bristles can reach.


Get it done with SPARKLE’s White Dental Floss (P149), which delivers a first wave of freshness with spearmint-waxed soft fibers.



Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade


Aggressive brushers, a show of hands, please. I just want you to know I see you. I am you.


If you, too, like to put your all into everything—including brushing those whites ‘til they’re pearly—you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, overly vigorous brushing won’t get you anything besides mouth ulcers.


SPARKLE’s regimen finds footing in its brushing step. Their White Toothpaste (starts at P135) comes in a range of refreshing variants to target specific oral care concerns. Regardless of the variant you pick up (we’ve got our eyes on Lemon Soda and Himalayan Pink Salt!), you can rest easy knowing that the ingredients in every tube are effective without being excessive. While most toothpastes on the market use Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach teeth, SPARKLE uses gentler Micro White Silica. Vitamin C and Q10, which are usually seen in skincare, are also present to keep gums healthy. 

Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade

SPARKLE Ultra Active Sonic Electronic Toothbrush


For a smile like a beauty queen's

This step wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate brushing tool: the SPARKLE Ionic Toothbrush (P399). Not your run of the mill electric toothbrush, this innovation releases negative ions via a metal band. Playing on the idea that opposites attract, these negative ions lift stubborn plaque from the teeth while you brush away.



Why Oral Care Should Be Your Next Big Beauty Upgrade


The big finish comes in the form of a fresh, cool rinse of SPARKLE’s Ionic Mouthwash (P279). Similar to the Ionic Toothbrush, this releases negative ions to lift plaque and counter gingivitis. This one adds an extra bit of fun with Minus Ion Active Technology, which is activated by joggling the bottle about before pouring out its contents. Remember: just shake to activate!


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Eager to shake up your oral beauty routine? SPARKLE’s introductory trio of products is available at Watsons branches nationwide. Their products are also available online on Lazada and Shopee.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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