#WonderAsks: Who’s Your Style Icon?

#WonderAsks: Who’s Your Style Icon?

We asked. You gave us your answers. Here are the style icons of today, what they symbolize and why people look up to them



style /st?l/

noun. a manner of doing something; a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed


At a department event once, we played a game that’s supposed to either validate how well you know one another or encourage you to learn a little more about the people you work with. A question about me came up: ‘Who is Sarah’s style (or was it fashion) icon?’ The choices were: Carrie Bradshaw, two other people I can’t remember and Kim Kardashian West.


The answer, according to the gamemaster, is KKW. I do love Kim and her post-Humphries aesthetic, but the real style hero is Vogue Australia’s fashion director Christine Centenera. Centenera is in part responsible for Kim’s glow up in the wardrobe department.


I admire Centenera for her impeccable taste and personal wardrobe (I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to her), and her body of work, which includes styling for Kanye West’s womenswear line and more recently for Louis Vuitton under Virgil Abloh. In 2017, she together with Josh Goot launched Wardrobe NYC, a collection of luxe elevated staples for men and women one can wear as “uniforms” to work or play (Release 01 and 04 are personal favorites). And that’s precisely what draws me to Centenera, her no-frills, never-tries-too-hard and just-is approach to fashion and everything she does. Freaking effortless.



Style is beyond the clothes you wear; it’s what sets you apart from everyone else who may or may not be wearing the same shirt as you at work. Style is an intimate conversation with one self, on what you like and don’t like, on what makes you feel more or less like you. Having a “peg” or an idol just makes it easier to cut through the noise and find out who you are inside or who you want to be on certain days. 


So just in time for Style Edit month at Wonder, we asked the same question, who’s your style icon and why?



Lorenzo Atillo, @enzoitbegins

My personal style icon is @qmike. His style is very minimalistic but the way he executes it is very “in your face.” He can literally turn anything basic into fashion gold, a skill not everyone can do. His creativity and ingenuity are unmatched. Not to mention his IG feed is goals. ?


Krisha Gaffud, @kreesyah

Winona Ryder in all her films in the 90s just cause [and] we share the same birthday actually ???

Two things: she is sweet and spicy. She can be elegant or cute but can also embody being sultry and sexy. She can be an angel but will do a 180 and be the devil. She can also be mysterious but at the same time make you feel like you know her. There's very subtle but vast contrast that's also eminent in her works, too, from Heathers to Girl, Interrupted to The Age of Innonence to name a few. As someone who is very expressive and yet wanted to be discreet, that fits exactly into my style. So this back and forth dance in two different characters makes me forever locked in.

P.S. Winona in her 40s still has this distinctive style but more grown up—for sure in my 40s I'll have that in my moodboard lol


Krisha Gaffud Style Icon - Wonder


Benj Rogando, @benj.rogando

Troye is my style icon as he is not afraid to experiment outside of male gender norms or even queer stereotypes which he does every time to reflect his growth as an artist and that speaks to me in a way that our style should grow as we do ?


RC, @rc_kunoichi

Aquaria! Her style is clean but never without a twist that makes her look pop, makes her look unique. Nothing is conventional with her. That’s my favorite thing about her style.


Angel Cordova, @angelnnhele

Leo Mandella (@gullyguyleo)—I just like how Leo plays with colors, combines florals with bold hues and wears what his heart desires ??????


Angel Cordova Style Icon - Wonder


Kamilah Carandang, @_carandangkamilah

Billie Eilish—it’s just the iconic and different pieces she puts together. And the way she wears them makes her outfits fire. The just look good on her.


Julian Rodriguez, @julianjrr

Wonder is one of mine tbh.
I drag a lot of my inspiration from art and new perspectives, and you guys definitely tick those off! Your features and posts are always so fresh and unique. I never know what to expect when you guys come out with something new (In the greatest way!), you always bring something new to the table! Wonder definitely influences my style (and myself) greatly! ???



Want to share your style heroes with us, too? Sound off on the comments section below!



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