Tapies’ New Nipple Cover-Ups Will Remedy Your Hubadera Woes

Tapies’ New Nipple Cover-Ups Will Remedy Your Hubadera Woes

Your all-around nipple cover-ups from Wear Tapies just got better!



Summer is forever with Tapies from YouTube sensation and budding entrepreneur Rei Germar. Inspired by her love for the beach and—you guessed it—bikinis, the Wonder cover star just launched the Triangle Cover-ups created for the proud hubaderas


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After the success of their Daily Nipple Cover-ups, Tapies has released more versatile yet seamless silicone nipple covers for even the skimpiest of outfits. Whether you’re opting for a see-through dress, a barely-there bikini top or even ultra-sexy activewear, Wear Tapies has literally got you covered. And it’s still available in four Pinay-friendly shades: Milk, Soy, Oat and Almond.



On the inspiration behind the new Triangle Cover-ups, Rei tells Wonder, “We love the circular Daily Nipple Cover-Up, but as a hubadera myself, there [are] more adventurous, skimpy outfits [wherein the] other half of the circle is kita (seen), so we wanted to come up with a shape that you can twist and play around [with] depends on the neckline.” They found that the triangle is perfect to fit any outfit. “You can use it as a triangle. You can flip it…and use it as an inverted triangle for all your deep square neck tops. And you can tilt it for your deep V tops.”



Feel confident even while wearing the deepest of necklines, straight tube tops or even triangle bikinis with these nipple covers made with medical-grade silicone to ensure strong protection while being gentle and skin-friendly. It’s reusable up to 150 times and water-resistant, too. Trust me, I used it for a whole day of snorkeling, and it stays true to its claim! It even comes in a resealable pouch.


Rei’s deep love for bikinis really shaped the Triangle Cover-up. She reveals, “The inspiration [for] the triangle top is really bikinis because we have different body types. We wear different cuts of bikinis, and we want the triangle shape to work with all bikini cuts. And if it works well with bikinis, it works perfectly for all different casual wear tops as well.”



Here’s a must-have for all the beach babes out there! Feel confident and covered up with Tapies’ new Triangle Cover-ups.



Check out Tapies and its products on Lazada.



Photos Migy Romulo

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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