The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy

The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy

When was the last time you bought underwear?



It took me two years to buy new bras. Lacey, wireless bras that I bought on sale (2 pcs for P500) from H&M. They’re cheap and multi-functional. In fact, they double as sleepwear or a top underneath boxy blazers or leather jackets. Lady briefs? The newest pair I have is from Marks & Spencer and I got it as a Christmas gift from one of my titas in 2016. Can’t even remember the last time I bought myself underwear. I asked people around the office the same question and the answers I got were pretty interesting.


When was the last time you bought underwear?

(more like, why didn’t you)


“No one will see me in them”

“They’re called hand me downs”

“The grannier, the better”


The topic was so interesting that what could’ve been a coffee break conversation turned into a survey. Yes, a survey on underwear and the real wardrobe basics we all forget to buy.


Out of the 13 respondents, 60% were female and in their early to late 20s. Nine out of the 13, regardless of gender identity, said they shop once a month in which their list includes clothes, food and toiletries. Though 10 said they bought underwear in the last 6 months with one saying she was forced to buy new ones by her mom. The rest bought theirs last year.


Maybe it’s just me and the people I was talking to prior to the survey that didn’t want to pay good money for good-quality underwear and instead spend money on “other important things”? In any case, here’s a quick guide to underwear and other wardrobe basics.



Bra, Panties, Brief

Underwear - The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy | Wonder

Image via Defuze Magazine


Why you need them: Because how can you wear jeans without them?

When to replace: Are they stretched out, stained and holey? It’s time. But buying a new pair or two once every year is good practice.

Trivia: Even after you wash your underwear, there may still be bacteria living in it 


Casual Tops

T-shirt, Tank top, Long sleeve tee

Casual Tops - The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy | Wonder

Image via


Why you need them: Worn as an inner or a casual top on weekends

When to replace: For whites and lighter colored tops, if they start to turn yellow, are stained and look a little too lived-in, toss or donate them to stores or NGOs that recycle old clothes. Meanwhile for darker colored tops, check the neckline and hemline. Have they turned to bacon? Say goodbye.


Weekend Bottoms

Running shorts, Jogging pants, Leggings

 Weekend Bottoms - The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy | Wonder

Image via


Why you need them: Athletic wear never looked better in 2018. Well-made jogging pants and leggings for example can take you from work to workout and weekend day to weekend night out. Running shorts, on the other hand, are not just for am/pm runs, but running errands, too.

When to replace: If you’re particular about function and performance, then the basis for buying something new should be elasticity, fit, rips and tears, and fabric erosion.


Dressy Pieces

White shirt, Blazer, Coat, Tailored bottoms

Dressy Pieces - The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy | WonderImage via UNDO Clothing


Why you need them: Because we all need something dressy for work and other important life occasions

When to replace: Investing in a good piece will last you a long time, especially for coats and blazers. We’re talking years so when you do decide to buy one, think about the color, fabric and fit.

For crisp, white shirts, and any other whites, when they start to turn yellow, let go.



Leather shoes, rubber shoes

 Yung 1 - Footwear - The Real Wardrobe Basics We All Forget To Buy | Wonder

Yung-1. adidas Originals by Dragon Ball Z drops September 29, 2018 in select adidas Orignals stores


Why you need them: Leather for formal, rubber shoes for comfort and/or the gym


When to replace: Good leather can endure years with proper care and storage. Besides, those minor blemishes can be fixed and those soles can be replaced. But if they’re obviously worn-down, you might want to get a new pair.

 A rubber shoe’s lifespan is a different story. If you use them for walking and often, you’ll need to replace them every 3 to 6 months. According to research, athletic shoes have a 500-mile limit. Performance declines once you go over it. But what could help make it last longer is to air it out between uses and proper storage when not in use. 

Trivia: The more you weigh, the faster your shoes will wear out



In the words of Rebecca Bloomwood, underwear is a basic human right. And so are these wardrobe basics. So the next time you go shopping, don’t just buy the first thing that catches your eye.



Art Alexandra Lara

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