Welcome to Wonder Factory: Release 001 of Our Spin-off Label Is Here


April 16, 2021
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A quarantine project borne out of a desire to uncomplicate the wardrobe



It seems like forever ago that the Wonder team would head into the office unintentionally in-theme or in matching looks. Moments like this didn’t particularly strike us then. But in hindsight, they made a small part of team life that we now quite frankly miss.


Working in isolation for as long as we have now, we know firsthand what it means to feel untethered from structure. We’ve danced between unli-pambahay or daster dressing and occasionally dressing up to feel good. On the whole, we just want to get in a better headspace without sweating the small stuff. Similarly, we don’t want to accumulate more than we have to…knowing that once-thrilling purchases have not survived our latest wardrobe detoxes.


In mulling this over, we wound up with a little quarantine project we’re ready to introduce to you. Meet Wonder Factory.


Off-Duty Cropped Sweatshirt, ?895, and Off-Duty Off-Duty Shorts, ?695 On-Duty Woven Cropped Coat, ?1,295, and On-Duty Woven Shorts, ?995 Off-Duty Cropped Sweatshirt, ?895, and Off-Duty Off-Duty Pants, ?995


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Over several remote catch-ups, the Wonder team, super-fans of uniform dressing, led with the idea of straightforward pieces women can put on heavy rotation. Power dressing reimagined for WFH. Also, the regularly brought-up category of “loungewear-but-not-really.” 


Just two coordinated sets. A pant for mixing and matching. For life on-duty and off-duty. Work and play. In quarantine and beyond.



Shop Release 001 by Wonder Factory on 0917lifestyle.com.



Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara 

Photography Renzo Navarro

Videography Favour Ajah

Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos

Hair and Makeup Zidjian Floro

Model Carms Castellanos

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